Medlar health effect Goji berries so eat health effect turned over several times

Chinese wolfberry is very common among life tonic, actually eat Chinese wolfberry is better for the method curing effect, so the efficacy of preserve one's health of Chinese wolfberry what?What is the role of Chinese wolfberry?What eat Chinese wolfberry taboo?Today is to introduce for everybody!Below we together and see it!

medlar eat health effect turned over several times so

medicine food homology is known to many people, actually eat Chinese wolfberry is better for the method curing effect, specific how to eat?Together and see it!

medlar health effect Medlar eat so restorative effect turned over several times

Chinese wolfberry bone soup, strong gluten JianGu

Chinese wolfberry in the liver and kidney, is good at tonic liver and kidney.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, liver advocate muscle, kidney advocate bone, strong gluten JianGu long suit.

"Ben tong xuan" records: "medlar, invigorating the essence of life, water is strong bone, and excessive, faint, back pain and knee pain, all the more."

when boiled bone soup or turtle soup put some Chinese wolfberry, compatibility dogwood, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, radix achyranthis bidentatae, such as medicine, strong gluten JianGu effect will be better.

qi chrysanthemum tea, yi Yin eyesight

"huang shu" recorded in the "blackwater shekinah belong to kidney, liver, begin to understand the orders, Yin qi of dirty gain, orders, since the Ming yi."

known as the "bright eye son," said the Chinese wolfberry is longer than kidney Yin deficiency, for unknown dark, dim vision such as disease curative effect is good.

Chinese wolfberry glue paste, nourishing blood ufa

life early white hair can often eat some of medlar gelatin cream.It has a good nourishing blood ufa role well, might as well have life home.

goji berries and black sesame seed, donkey-hide gelatin, longan, jujube and other benefits of pure blood boil cream, or eating stew chicken soup, mutton soup, etc.

medlar health effect Medlar eat so restorative effect turned over several times

hawthorn wolfberry drink, nourish Yin fluid

goji berries, juices, can nourish Yin fluid, thirst quenching.

best sold directly to chew food, avoiding and hawthorn, fructus schisandrae, mulberry, compatibility of zizyphus jujube kernel, such as green tea, and drinking water, cooking or and pear, apple and other fruit drink soup, the effect is very good also.

what benefit Chinese wolfberry

a, anti-aging, prevent premature aging

Chinese wolfberry has anti-aging effect, often taking medlar can prevent premature aging, life mights as well often eat some of medlar prevent aging!

two, regulating immunity, reduce the number of cold

medlar can improve peripheral T cell number and function, containing the Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide can enhance immunity.So, often sick, and lack of exercise, after a cold is not easy to heal people fit to eat Chinese wolfberry.

three, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia

medlar can reduce total cholesterol and blood sugar, blood glucose tolerance and improves the human body, has obvious curative effect in patients with hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

4, protection of liver function

clinical study found that Chinese wolfberry can protect the liver, to repair the function of the liver cells, strong ability to resist fatty liver.

Chinese wolfberry food taboos

medlar health effect Medlar eat so restorative effect turned over several times

the first: not suitable for people taking

in general, the body weak and resistance of the crowd that can best every day, taking some Chinese wolfberry, so take every day, has the very good nourishing the body, so the body will become more strong for a long time.But we need to clear, medlar can very good play the role of warm body, but at the time of a cold or is the body's best taking inflammation and diarrhea.In addition, some people have high blood pressure or character is impatient, and in our daily life with red light, had better eat less, avoid too filling.

the second: medlar eat how much a day to the body best

although Chinese wolfberry has the very good tonic, but we need to clear any nourishing food to eat is more harm than good to the body, even Chinese wolfberry is can't exception.In general, the amount of healthy adult daily use best don't more than 20 grams left and right sides, this is ideal.But if want to have the healing effect, so best don't more than 30 grams.In addition, the modern medical study found that Chinese wolfberry is a very safe food, which does not contain any we now known toxins, so I can insist on long-term consumption, it's good for the body.

usually, if just want to achieve the effect of improving eyesight, so 10 grams left and right sides is reasonable;If it is to achieve the purpose of the kidney, then 15 grams per day is best;If it is to achieve the purpose of reducing weight, it is best to take 30 grams a day, it can have a better slimming effect.

the third: wolfberry diet attention

medlar health effect Medlar eat so restorative effect turned over several times

goji berries for the body effect is very good, can be used to make tea leaves, fruit and make tea is able to cook Chinese food, the root is a kind of very good medicine.Dish up when cooking medlar, before adding medlar, such not only taste better, but also can effectively avoid a large loss of nutrients, so, medlar suit to make kimchi and cold dish.

in the use of medlar, cleaning time cannot too long, otherwise it will lead to the loss of nutrients.So, the correct cleaning method is put Chinese wolfberry in a bit of warm water to clean, then drain the water use.

4: is unfavorable take food with Chinese wolfberry

medlar eat a taboo never can forget, this kind of food and not too much tea sex tepid supplements together, common to have green tea, jujube, longan and red ginseng, otherwise it is not good for the body health and.

have green tea, for example, green tea contains a lot of theine, carotene and vitamins.Daily taking green tea is good for the body, because he can effectively remove free radicals in the body, has the very good effect to delay aging and prevent cancer.And Chinese wolfberry is has the very good effect of kidney, liver, runfei, etc., is a kind of very good health food.

these two items are able to eat boiled water bubble to take, and also is very beneficial to the health of the body.But in real life, many people like to will burst taking medlar and green tea together, and this is very unscientific.

epilogue: Chinese wolfberry is curing effect is very good food, but to its curing effect is better, you need to pay attention to how to eat, how to eat Chinese wolfberry restorative effect better?Everyone looked at the small make up related introduction to all know!Hope this small make up related introduction can help to you!

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