Zhejiang a woman every day a large bottle of Sprite coconut milk drink a dozen milk tea, the result can only sit and sleep

Ms tang

special love to eat "sugar", high sugar content, such as Sprite, coconut milk, milk tea drinks, she has to drink almost 2 liters a day!As a result, this for more than half a month, she is not lying down to sleep at night, a sleep up may appear, until a face of blue.

zhejiang a woman every day a large bottle of Sprite coconut milk drink a dozen milk tea, the result can only sit and sleep on

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every day try to drink a dozen tea

ms tang was born in 1974, is a person, yongkang, jinhua.Three years ago, because my father got the kidney disease, she resigned his job, dedicated to take care of the old father, then after his father died, she did not back again looking for a job.

more than a month ago, she and her brother partnership opened a milk tea shop, because the younger brother have work, so during this period of trial operation, ms tang has been busy.

although join chain of milk tea shop, has a fixed ratio of milk tea, but in specific operations, but it is not easy.Ms tang to do this, every day from eight o 'clock in the morning to half past ten in the evening, after closed the door, she also serious with milk tea, proportion of his own ideas, taste, etc.Lemon tea, peach tea and milk tea, she with a dozen to try to drink every day, but don't want to, finally "drink" out of the question.

zhejiang a woman every day a large bottle of Sprite coconut milk drink a dozen milk tea, the result can only sit and sleep on

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"I always cough before, went to a local hospital, but did not find the reason, the doctor was doubtful whether could be such as asthma and pneumonia, later have been when asthma in governance, better not. Starting in early may, often have to suppress wake at night, sleeping like somebody pinch neck don't let the breath, very afflictive. Wake up the person's face is blue, but it scared the hell out of my family."Ms tang told reporters that in recent more than ten days, she couldn't lie down and sleep, "I was afraid of his one thousand didn't wake up, so suppress dead."

at the time of the day, ms tang sometimes talk faster, or to smell excitant food, even a drink plain boiled water, have felt a foreign body in the throat is blocked.Is more and more serious, you have to her temporarily closed the milk tea shop, yesterday in hangzhou hospital see a doctor.Alone is director of the hospital otolaryngology zhi-ling Chen, after the initial diagnosis, suspect she is caused reflux laryngospasm, then let her to do a test 24 hours a day.

"after the results come out this morning, ms tang found at 3 PM and 4 PM has an obvious reverse flow. Then let her do gastroscope, but don't want her unusually severe reflux condition, gastroscope detector in the esophagus, she had reacted badly, do not bottom go to."Zhi-ling Chen, said he still encountered for the first time such a serious patients.

nearly 2 liters a day drink

is because the milk tea drink for more than a month, ms tang can lead to severe reflux?Zhi-ling Chen, said Ms. Tang to drink tea with milk just recently increased her situation, just a little more than a month time is impossible to make her so serious symptoms, Ms. Tang was the real reason for the usual eating habits.

originally, ms tang besides recently try to drink milk tea, drink almost 2 liters every day!"I love to drink, is as plain boiled water to drink, at least once a day to drink a big bottle of 500 milliliter Sprite and a bottle of coconut juice."Ms tang told reporters, "and I will insist every day to drink lemon tea, cut a slice of lemon tea every day, always drink until no taste."

zhejiang a woman every day a large bottle of Sprite coconut milk drink a dozen milk tea, the result can only sit and sleep on

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in addition, Ms. Tang also special love to eat rice cakes, dumplings, etc.Zhi-ling Chen said, these eating habits is the final cause of severe reflux ms tang.

"the symptoms of ms tang and it is not so serious, just before she didn't pay attention."After reminding zhi-ling Chen, ms tang reminded me from the beginning of the two or three years ago, some hoarse voice, sometimes will also feel the foreign body sensation, but never mind.And she was a cough, last year began to increase.

"my girlfriends and I moved to hefei party at the time, drinking the local rice wine also ate some stinky tofu, the results finally all suffered badly, cough and oppressed."Ms tang recalled.

zhi-ling Chen said, like ms tang, like to eat sweet food, cheese, cake, etc.) are more likely to have to reverse flow, particularly for people who like to eat tonight;Like to eat barbecue, Fried food, like potato chips, Fried chicken, etc.;Often drink yogurt, coffee, all kinds of carbonated drinks, especially Xia Tianai have a cold drink.People who eat too much fruit, especially citrus fruits, such as orange, grapefruit, are easy to stimulate gastric acid secretion;Eating too many grains, unfavorable digestive food, such as sweet potatoes, corn, glutinous rice, etc.And ms tang is almost each number.

"in addition to diet, fitness, stay up late, night without sleep pillow, etc., also easy to cause the reverse flow."Zhi-ling Chen said, "there are many people, because of the fast pace of life, pressure is big, often tense and anxious, also easy to cause reflux."

throat surgery 2 times for dinner party more than 3 years

this morning, zhi-ling Chen also accepts a reflux patients, grow very beautiful, but because of just three years time had twice the throat surgery and removing polyps repeatedly, let her voice severely damaged.

"wang polyp is mainly caused by the reverse flow, reverse flow caused by her because she gave the husband block wine."Originally, Ms. Wang's husband opened a company, usually to socialize more, but will not drink again, every time wang is active for a husband in wine, but she also drink.Got drunk every time, and talk about business to discuss business, to answer the phone, is also wang.

zhi-ling Chen advised wang don't continue to drink again, otherwise will again do surgery, can be completely lost my voice.But wang is helpless, said he was helpless.

"about 40% of patients with reflux, no chest heartburn, may simply show the bronchial foreign body sensation, or voice hoarse, or cough."Zhi-ling Chen reminded, if you have the above symptoms, in addition to timely medical treatment, the above mentioned food also try not to eat.

what are the symptoms may be caused by the reverse flow?

"at the time of sleep, in the event of reflux, gastric acid and gastric contents may enter the airway, causing laryngospasm, cause suffocation death."Zhi-ling Chen reminded, if have the following symptoms, especially above three kinds of symptoms, may be suffering from reflux, want to go to hospital in time:

hoarse or pronunciation disorder;Continue to hawk;Throat body sensation;Excessive phlegm or nose backflow (mucus from the nasal cavity at the back of the flow to the nasopharyngeal or pharyngeal);Difficulty swallowing food, water or tablets;After a meal or lie down after cough;Difficulty breathing;Cough (especially irritating cough, smoke flavour, diet stimulus or speak), heartburn, chest pain, stomach pain.

how to prevent or treat reflux?

zhi-ling Chen said, besides take medicine, acupuncture, surgery, the first thing to do is to change bad eating habits and way of life.

can't overeat, for example, eat much food less, give priority to with low fat, light diet, avoid Fried food and stimulating food, after eating don't immediately lie down, 3 hours before sleep without food;Don't drink coffee, carbonated drinks;Should be the pillow sleep, in order to reduce reflux;Quit smoking wine, weight control, relieve mental pressure, etc.

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