We have been cheated for so many years!Authoritative expert puncture 22 health the truth!


don't eat breakfast accessible gallstones?Contact lenses in the high temperature melt?Bisphenol A cancer-causing supermarket receipts have?Carbonated beverage drink many will be osteoporosis?......Do you find friends all over the sky flying these assertions butch?Is often also receive my parents turned the flawed "health tips"?Few words said, we summarizes the authoritative expert authority, shatter rumors together!

1. Don't eat breakfast to pre-empt gallstones?

truth: really!

explanation: shandong jining city first people's hospital, director of the liver and gallbladder surgery jonsson said, after a night of storage, within the gallbladder bile cholesterol saturation is higher.In the case of breakfast, cholesterol with bile.The if you don't eat breakfast, time is too long, on an empty stomach in the gallbladder bile storage time too long, leading to excessive saturated, the cholesterol in the bile can form gall-stone .

2. Can drink bone soup filling calcium?

truth: fake!

explanation: chengdu first people's hospital orthopedic experts zhangyu that although bone soup with high nutritional value, but the calcium content is not high, for the practical significance of the calcium is .And some bone soup grease is heavier, drinking for a long time, not only conducive to fracture the injury, is also likely to cause adverse effect to patients with gastrointestinal health.

3. The computer can put a basin of cactus radiation-proof?

truth: fake!

explanation: Beijing agronomy professor department of horticulture yun-cong yao pointed out that the cactus in strong sunlight of desert to grow, able to resist the sunlight, ultraviolet radiation damage.But is a kind of "radiant energy" generated in the sun, and the computer screen or other electrical appliances of radiation is a different concept.

4. Pregnant women radiation shielding radiation protection clothing can do to help?

truth: fake!

explanation: jia-li bao, Ph.D., professor of zhejiang university school of medicine, biological physics explanation, basic life come into contact with are ionizing radiation, the radiation dose not cause harm to human body.Although the fabrics of radiation protection clothing products can prevent radiation, but these clothes openings and more, against the effect of electromagnetic radiation is very limited .

5. Contact lenses in high temperature melting will happen?

truth: fake!

explanation: eye hospital according to the X-ray technician hong-juan li said, soft contact lens materials mainly is a hydrophilic polymer synthesized compounds - silicon gel water, high water content make the lens soft elastic, most of the contact lenses on market belongs to and so on. this kind of material is not common plastic, but the high polymer material, in the human body can withstand temperatures, melted, the possibility is very small.

6. The snake will bite after cut?

truth: really!

explanation: snake belongs to the reptile, the brain is very small, advanced nerve centre is not developed, the lower central ability is stronger.Lower animals, command the conditioned reflex nerve on their body, head, each organ in a certain period of time can also alone to maintain the original motion function, so the snake heart can still beat after peeled, cut down the snake once touch, can also be conditioned reflex, mouth or spit out letter .

7. Supermarket receipts with bisphenol A, touch will cause cancer?

truth: fake!

explanation: sichuan neijiang normal college chemical engineering dean Wang Bi, bisphenol A can really use in shopping on the docket.In printing machine, bisphenol A developer role, from colorless to black or other colors, is showed on the paper to print information.But nature of bisphenol A (bpa) is A kind of low toxicity compounds, only in the case of large amount of contact and contact time long will produce substantial harm to the human body .

8. "dripping guanyin" toxic?

truth: really!

explanation: jiangsu suqian hospital emergency department physician ji-yong liu, dripping guanyin also known as "water lotus", finger citron, lotus, is a common domestic green potted plants.However, dripping guanyin white juice toxic in roots, stems, dripping water is toxic , if skin contact, can cause itching or intense stimulation, eye contact can cause severe conjunctivitis, and even blindness.The red fruit is also to be toxic, every year is wrong the dripping guanyin roots when taro food poisoning caused by examples.

9. Scented eraser poison?

truth: really!

explanation: Shanghai city pledges inspect bureau spot check in June 30 batches eraser samples and tested with a third of the plasticizer exceeds bid. this eraser "aroma" is, in fact, adding a named "" phthalic acid ester compounds of plasticizer, it is an accepted poison , long-term contact or lick bite, easy cause dizziness, nausea.

10. Snoring is actually a disease?

truth: really!

explanation: many people think that to fall asleep, sleep quality is good, but chongqing ohtsubo hospital sleep center director and said, in actually snoring is a kind of disease, serious still can cause sleep apnea, even some people will die in my sleep .

11. Eat duck blood, pig blood can get rid of the dust in the lungs?

truth: fake!

explained: " there is no any experimental and clinical proof, rely on food small molecules can remove dust from the lung , network this rumor is only good people can imagine."Luoyang regions center hospital physician said.

12. Bamboo charcoal, a green plant can purify formaldehyde?

truth: fake!

: a window ventilated and most effective means is the removal of formaldehyde. in the ventilation of the influence of formaldehyde concentration experiments, giving a bedroom forced ventilation after 3 months of indoor formaldehyde concentration will be from the original stere of 0.248 milligram/fell to stere of 0.071 milligram /, a drop of 75%.

13. Soda drink many osteoporosis?

truth: really!

explanation: xi 'an osteoporosis of the Red Cross hospital physician yu-hong zeng, soda contains a lot of phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid can affect the absorption of calcium, causing low calcium , children and adolescents in the process of developing standard low calcium can affect the peak bone density.After the bone loss in older, can easily lead to osteoporosis.

14. Monosodium glutamate to eat many will cause cancer?

truth: fake!

explanation: henan shangqiu first people's hospital of doctor of vice director of Yang Qiumin said, monosodium glutamate 80% is freshness agent sodium glutamate, 20% sodium chloride. MSG contains a large number of glutamic acid, is an amino acid needed for human body , for the most part will be absorbed by human body, can form the protein in the body's tissues.

15. Eat black sesame to make the hair black?

truth: fake!

explanation: changchun physician wang introduces a hospital nutrition center, from the traditional Chinese medicine, black beans, black sesame seed is raising blood filling kidney food, and kidney associated with hair, so eat these foods, to improve ufa embellish hair have a certain role.But hair white a lot of kinds of reasons, want to make the hair black and suit the remedy to the case .

16. Oral collagen protein and no skin hairdressing effect?

truth: really!

explanation: the people's liberation army air force general hospital dermatological department chief physician, professor liu wei pointed out that collagen contains amino acids, only has the certain function of nutrition, but not oral collagen skin hairdressing effect.

17. After fierce drink coke can lead to loss of electrolytes?

truth: there is no precise relationship!

explanation: guangzhou a college boys played basketball fill up 1.25 litres of coke, lie down and rest for an hour later, unable to move.The doctor said, will be unable to move, because "serious lack of potassium.Drink coke really can cause loss of potassium, if already have hypokalemia, vigorous exercise after a large number of drinking coke, has the potential to lower potassium, does have a certain risk.But is not necessarily the case this time drinking coke, he may be long-term potassium deficiency, and then the acute cases caused by a large number of drinking coke.This also need to confirm.

18. Before a meal to eat half a grapefruit, both full belly and lose weight?

truth: really!

explanation: the national second-class dietitian MuYaMin introduction, compared to other fruits, grapefruit vitamin C content is rich, and also a lot of fiber content, easy to satiety.But its quantity of heat low, can rival with watermelon .Grapefruit play effect reducing weight is that it contains rich fruit acid, can effectively stimulate the gastric mucosa, affect nutrient absorption, so as to suppress appetite, inhibit blood sugar is conerted to fat in the liver.

19. "3 without" nail polish cause cancer?

truth: really!

: some inferior nail polish, its excessive heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and some added disabled pigments, fluorescent agent. in Shanxi Province people's hospital dermatologist, said: "the long-term use of these inferior nail polish, there will be a chronic poisoning, and even cancer."

20. The saline soak jeans, cleaning do not fade?

truth: really!

explanation: new-developped shaanxi wash industry association experts Yao Ling flat to explain: "in the process of dyeing dyeing is in itself a source of added salt, salt can have accelerating effect. Buy new clothes soaked in brine, it is similar to the dyeing process of factory, its color fastness is ."Salt water to soak the jeans really can prevent fade, but limited to buy new jeans.New jeans just not under water, soak in strong brine, a day time, can prevent trousers fade.

21. The phone sets containing benzene causes cancer?

truth: fake!

explanation: are saying mobile phone sets of industrial material contained in "benzene" when answering the call, send and receive information with respiratory tract directly into the body, "the higher the temperature, benzene the more free."Materials department of xiamen university professor dong said, phone sets stain has certain toxicity, but the content is generally low, as long as the control within the scope of the provisions of the state, will not affect the human body .

22. Sweet Q taro round play, paint raw materials may contain?

truth: the only appeared in Taiwan!

explanation: in May 2013, Taiwan "health" published six consists of maleic anhydride of starch packaging products manufacturers, involving products including taro, powder, pudding, etc.Fudan university chemistry professor quanrui wang, commonly known as maleic acid, maleic acid is a compound, the toxicity of medium.Generally used for coating of insulation, or as a raw material to produce pesticides, 4 to 6 times of its price and qualified starch .

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