Everything from the "wet", so eat ginger, eliminate body wet poison!Easy to learn

as the saying goes: "thousands of cold easily except for a wet hard to remove".Eat too much meat, like to eat cold drinks, air conditioning, and lack of exercise, these bad habits have led to the excessive moisture in the human body now. if you have dizziness head heavy, aching and tired limbs, defecate pond have diarrhoea symptoms such as love, hair oil, then prove that you have the moisture inside body.

everything from the

today is to introduce you the kitchen have a ingredients - ginger.All know ginger is dressing, it still clearing damp in the!

1. ginger + honey

honey ginger tea can help cold clearing damp, and compare the significant effect of nourishing the stomach, but also can alleviate the symptom such as cough phlegm.

2. ginger + black tea

take a few of black tea, ginger slices, water frying.But sweating nourish, wen lung cough, have effect on flu, typhoid fever, cough, etc.

3. ginger + brown sugar

everything from the

ginger and brown sugar has the effect of warm moisture, taste better, can strengthen physical health, is promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, but also suitable for women to drink during the period.

4. ginger, jujube and Chinese prickly ash

red jujube to nuclear and Fried with ginger slice water, body cold cold friends can also add a few Chinese prickly ash, expelling dampness effect better, especially suitable for lower cold dampness.

5. ginger vinegar + salt (external)

right away in the summer, a lot of people are susceptible to wet, cold, suffering from "air-condition disease".

in Fried good hot ginger soup, add a little salt and vinegar will towel soaked in the sore, repeated several times, can greatly alleviate the pain.

besides, ginger, and these small tweaks!Remember to collect the necessary friend!

everything from the

1. treat toothache: take a slice of ginger, bite at a toothache can ease the pain.

2. treatment of motion sickness: can contain a slice of ginger, after chewing, swallowing ginger;Or stick a slice of ginger in the inner wrist, horizontal stripes after 2 inches.

3. ingesting: with hot ginger tea drinking water generation, can accelerate the blood circulation, solution wine.

4. in the treatment of tinea manuum: fresh raw ginger here 250 litres, white wine, 500 ml, add raw ginger into the wine bubble in three days later, wipe affected area 2 times daily morning and evening.

5. treatment feet sweat too much: take ginger 15 grams, 15 grams of alum, water bubble foot after frying, 1-2 times a day, 5-7, can be effective.

6. rheumatism: with ginger juice apply on affected part, labeled (made of ginger, flour, potato) ginger paste, then wipe with ginger oil of the effect is much better.

healthy tips:

everything from the

1. Than tender ginger ginger drug effect is good, eat ginger is good during the day, evening is unfavorable for ginger.

2. Yin deficiency in fever, such as dry mouth, dry eye, often upset irritability and others are not suitable for to eat ginger, hemorrhoids bleeding.

3. Ginger is good, but belongs to the hot food, unfavorable eat more, in case of fire.

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