Eat wild vegetables face swollen into "pig head"!Spring of six kinds of wild vegetables to eat


"spring feed wild, summer eat bitterness", spring is the season of wild vegetables.But!!!!If you don't know, you are likely to put the "poisonous weeds" when wild vegetables!

eat wild vegetables face swollen into

3 days ago, wuhan chan and friends to go for an outing, ate two sets seasonal vegetables for lunch.Evening, ms Chen felt face glowing itching, wake up the next day, feeling is hard to open my eyes, the discovered: a look in the mirror face swollen like "pig", eyes opened just a crack, chest, neck, back and other exposed parts of the rash.The doctor said this is solar dermatitis, is caused after eating the vegetables in the sunshine.Shepherd's purse, celery, cedar, purslane, such as wild vegetables are photosensitive sex food, can increase the human body to absorb ultraviolet light, after eating in the sunshine, easy to induce solar dermatitis, "photosensitive constitution" move more easily.

in addition to the photosensitive sex skin people should pay attention to, spring like his dig potherb eat are also need to pay attention to not eating.

need to soak vegetables : yam vegetables, some vegetables, such as mountain garlic WeiDu, without soaking, general discomfort after eating.This kind of wild vegetables before cooking, must be in the water for more than two hours for detoxification treatment.

tree potherb unfavorable eat Fried : the tree did not have many varieties of wild vegetables, such as: color-protecting reagent, elm, money, etc., this kind of wild vegetables eat steamed or do sauce.If eating Fried, is sticky and astringent, difficult to swallow.

don't know don't eat wild vegetables : eat vegetables at least know what eat wild vegetables toxic non-toxic, not know vegetables are best not to eat.Some wild vegetables containing highly toxic, light person frowsty, bilge, oh, the person that weigh is life threatening.

long put vegetables cannot eat : potherb it is best to pick to eat, now now long put vegetables not only fresh, but also reduce nutrients, taste is very poor.

bitter potherb unfavorable feed more : bitter vegetables taste bitter cold, have relieve inflammation or internal heat detoxification effect, but excessive consumption can damage the spleen and stomach.

contaminated vegetables don't eat : air pollution vegetables is easy to absorb the lead, the edge of the waste water wild vegetables also contain the toxins, unfavorable edible.(this article integrated the health times net, wuhan evening news)

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