Walnut whole body is treasure, this part of the "patch" and "your", 9 of 10 people eat wrong


walnut not only taste sweet, and high nutritional value, from the inside out is a treasure.

think modern medicine research: walnut is rich in lecithin, brain, curing, zinc, manganese, chromium, hypoglycemic, promote metabolism, anti-aging, enhance immunity.Walnut oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and cardio-cerebral diseases.

walnut whole body is treasure, this part of the

every day to eat a few walnut, more than senior tonic.But you know, the walnut shell is a part of the precious medicinal materials, are often being as a fruit shell and throw it away.

walnut whole body is treasure, this part of the

this section of the walnut is called a" distraction wood ", namely the nuts interlayer between the thin slice of butterfly type, walnut kernel if compared to the brain, the sheet is the brain stem, in the process of mature walnut transmit growth factors and subtle nutrition for nuts.

distracted wood contains precious condensed tannins and a variety of trace elements, not only can eat, and cheetos.

walnut whole body is treasure, this part of the

distracted wood efficacy and function:

1. Anshen and promote sleep, treatment of insomnia, much dream.

2. Solid kidney qi, activate blood, the treatment of male kidney impotence, women ren taken down.

3. Treatment of old people waist sour leg pain, deafness, dizzy.

4. Treatment of cold feet, urinary frequency, urgency, and traces.

5. Purge detoxification, treating constipation.

walnut whole body is treasure, this part of the

taking methods:

1. Eliminate the symptoms, is the most effective ways to the wood powder mill will be distracted, with warm boiled water a blunt.(digest bad can bubble water to drink)

2. The daily care, can every night before going to bed for 1 hour, 3 grams of distraction, wood into the water to boil, or directly with boiling water, when the tea to drink.

3. Treatment of nephritis, can be distracted by the proportion of wood and rice wine 1:5, soak for 10 minutes, boil filtering, 3 times a day, each time 5-10 ml.

walnut whole body is treasure, this part of the

content with rare for expensive, distracted by walnut wood is very light, to achieve nourished, many a mickle makes a muckle, if often eat walnuts in the home, can pay attention to collect from today, otherwise can only to the pharmacy to buy, and expensive, too.

life is full of treasure, a pair of eye to look for, pay attention to my headline number, every day to give you practical fresh health information.

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