Sun be the spirit not beware of short life The ten "hurt Yang vice" of traditional Chinese medicine inventory


it Yang, Yang will perish.- the huangdi neijing,

our daily living, all need sun be the spirit, when the sun be the spirit is affected, health will certainly be affected."Less people at forty, sun be the spirit, and the loss of Japan to", that is to say people to 40 years old, the body began to decline.In fact now many people don't have to wait until 40 years old, the body has long been in decline.So, keeping in good health is very important.

the sun be the spirit feature is "hidden".That is to say, sun be the spirit should be hidden in the body, circumfluence.Sun be the spirit of place is easy to get sick, but the sun be the spirit need to hide, exposed to the same easy to cause disease.Many patients deelop ulcers, for example, is the sun be the spirit does not place, fire Lou at outside, this is the disease.

or modern because for desire, or go with the flow, pressure, or unconscious are consumed every day sun be the spirit, even hurt, and even the disease when the cluster is still aware.We take a look at, in today's society, people generally exist in "ten big hurt Yang vice", do you have the "innocent".

the first big "hurt Yang vice" -- stay up

sun be the spirit not beware of short life 10

the sun sets in the evening, the sun be the spirit of human body into the body also need go to sleep, if the sun be the spirit can not get rest and nourished, damage is very big.

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the best time to sleep for three hour "ugly" hai son (21 ~ 3 points), the six hour is equivalent to the winter of the year.Winter collection, is the main way for people to sleep.

a lot of people in should sleep time to go to karaoke, go to work, stay up late, "by exerting its essence, to dissipation of the true", it must be very wrong.

the second-largest "hurt Yang vice", eat cold food cold

by the western modern nutriology, think all cold fruit contains abundant vitamin, and frozen foods, cold wind, these are serious damage to taste the sun be the spirit.

westerners eat cold, but there is butter and beef is tie-in, also like the sun, it may be suitable for their physical Yang way, so the damage is not apparent, but are not necessarily suitable for the children of the east.

in addition, guangdong people love drinking cold tea, the vast majority of heat-clearing and detoxifying herbal tea performance, long take, also quietly damage our sun be the spirit.

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine believes that all the nutrition digestion and absorption, is a transport by the spleen and stomach.Damaged spleen Yang, transport, abdominal pain, diarrhea, lack of power, angular, etc.People addicted to the sweet due to pixu (spleen deficient) and excessive edible sweet greasy thick flavour, the body cannot transport to phlegm wet endogenous, hinder the operation of the sun be the spirit, lead to YangYu Yang deficiency syndrome;Also some because of cold body and mind you, spicy, spicy makes people tick, sun be the spirit of dissipation, too much will cause the sun be the spirit deficiency, gradually appear hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, chronic diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

the third big "hurt Yang vice" cool - greed blowing

air conditioning is artificial wind, not natural.Summer sun be the spirit scattered outside the pores open drain, is entirely unfenced, direct blow air conditioning, cold evil will be straight to the skin, channels, joints, if not timely discharge cold, more vital infringes five zang-organs, even become an incurable disease.

so the doctor used to say "good winter cold, summer cold hard to cure", that is to come.

the fourth-largest "hurt Yang vice", delay fertility Delivery room cold

according to TCM theory, fertility best age woman for "notoginseng" to "47" (21 ~ 28 years of age), men as "38" to "SiBa" (24 ~ 32 years old).

but modern childbearing age generally delay, and pregnancy didn't maintain the consciousness of the kidney essence, father mother anaemia empty, infertility risk increases greatly.Even if can produce conception, the child's innate Yang deficiency constitution are hard to change.

in addition, the production of women's room or operating room air conditioning is enough, baby came out of the warm water, if not promptly adopt measures to keep warm, easy to feel the cold evil, hurt baby sun be the spirit.

the survival of ancient children have a natural selection process, children born sun be the spirit is good, and now through promoting the pregnant spuc birth child, sun be the spirit of natural deficiency.

the fifth "hurt Yang vice" - improper movement

sun be the spirit not beware of short life 10

modern people advocate the idea of" life is movement ", but a lot of people did not benefit because of movement, but cause arthritis, rheumatism, knee joint wear, and even produce the problem such as sudden death after motion, it is not reasonable cause movement.Mr.

Lu Chonghan referred to in the "fu Yang speaking" "kinetic energy raw Yang, Yang" energy consumption, the essence of sports is to strengthen the blood circulation, is suitable for the sun be the spirit of qi and blood is sufficient but not free;But for qi big losses are more harm than good, because the function of the sun be the spirit virtual person controlling actions, with virtual virtual after exercise.

games stimulate the sun be the spirit fu, suitable for spring and summer, during the day.Rushed to a lot of people get up in the morning don't eat breakfast to go to work, a sedentary work all day and night fitness, seem to make up for a lack of activity during the day, but it is in violation of the regularity of normal human body collection "growth".

and flow outside of summer for some sweat, the movement of the other seasons are micro khan advisable, excessive sweating and body fluid, will be consumed sun be the spirit.So the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is more recommended eight brocade, wuqinxi, such as taijiquan exercise.

6 big troubles "hurt Yang vice" - work

it, now the society as a whole are in anxiety.Appeared a lot of people sleep not familiar, easy to awake, hard to sleep, night urination, etc.Because a lot of people have, is considered "normal", actually otherwise.

in a state of intense work for a long time, I do not know in time to rest, on the one hand, can lead to excessive sun be the spirit of the dissipative deficiency, on the other hand, sun be the spirit too fatigue caused to Yin collection, cause insomnia, neurasthenia, even form a vicious circle.

now many young people "sudden death" are all the reason.So, again worth fighting career, also need to relaxation, the ability for a long time.

7 big "hurt Yang vice" -- materialistic difficult check

a materialistic modern society, in the eyes of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, desire is the spirit of fire, and the evil fire and fire, neijing refers to "strong fire feed gas", namely the desire will consume the body upright.

now at home and abroad a lot of people are beginning to reconsider this excessive pursuit of materialistic wrong way, advocating "subtraction" of life.

subtraction life, emphasis on ecological and environmental protection, also emphasizes the spirit of environmental protection and green mind, and advocates the emissions and burden, reducing the pollution and reduce the desire, deceleration subtraction five ".Now popular "minimalist life", namely side must stay only a few parts.

eighth "hurt Yang vice" - the bedroom section

excessive pursuit of commercial value, result in TV, Internet, books, magazines everywhere propaganda men and women.Women's fashion show hilum (CV 8), waist (shen shu, "Ming), low-cut (CV 17)...

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine point of view, cold dew, see people restless, hurt Yang.This habit belongs to "sex is not section, kidney Yang losses".Don't know moderate and temperance, the person's kidney essence deficiency, jing kui, seldom is taken sun be the spirit, lead to kidney Yang losses.

the original performance including gum atrophy, actually gets bigger, loose teeth, teeth for teeth condition is closely related with kidney Yang.Development eventually may lead to fatigue, chills, waist pain, even diarrhea, eyes without god, male impotence premature ejaculation, female uterus cold infertility, etc.

9 big "hurt Yang vice" - the abuse of antibiotics

sun be the spirit not beware of short life 10

although there is no denying that antibiotics great effect in treating for help, but now there are serious domestic abuse.

antibiotic resistance and dampness, oral main harming the sun be the spirit, can cause stomach cold, poor appetite, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and intravenous drug directly into the blood vessels, will also hurt heart Yang, cause the moisture ling proof, and even death.

so must suit the antibiotics, and that disease in check, can in no way as ailment or even daily health care prevention of drug abuse.

in addition, the hormonal drugs are also hurt the sun be the spirit!Hormone kidney Yang directly outside the, seemingly obvious effect, is actually the kidney Yang overdraft, impair the health of the forward.Kidney advocate bone, kidney Yang deficiency osteoporosis naturally.

a lot of other chemicals if remove the icing or capsule after a bitter, bitter hurt taste sun be the spirit, the long-term use of western medicine must be spleen Yang deficiency.

the therapeutic effect of western medicine can't deny, but to protect the health of the fundamental is to improve their immunity, namely the sun be the spirit, rather than relying on medicines.

the top ten "hurt Yang vice" - the disorderly taking

a lot of diseases are insufficient gas, chill into the body, the body caused by evil.

but in the cold, for example, the existing 80% are "qingrejiedu" cold proprietary Chinese medicine, is only suitable for thermal treatment.The vast majority are cold, and cold initial stage heat drugs usually only force or will clamp down cold symptoms, fever adverse body recovery, long-term use will be big sun be the spirit.

the cause of the current heat drug abuse on the one hand is the doctor's syndrome differentiation is not fine, on the one hand is to think with heat medicine is "safe", negative effects of drug misuse above Yin with confidentiality, in the short term will not be found.

cure medicine is fruit, health prevention is due, healer, the disease prevention to stability, "fu Yang" is not a faction, and should be a kind of the concept of preserve one's health.

fu Yang, Yang has three rules: keep Yang, explored, tong Yang.

keep Yang, is to keep the sun be the spirit, is to keep the mandate of heaven.Someone said that the sun be the spirit life is destiny, disorderly consumption will die early.Early death is not to, can't disorderly consumption is for sure.

this is to let the body cold weather is warm, give the body warm, let the sun be the spirit get good supplement.

tong Yang, let the sun be the spirit is flowing.Traveling is the sun be the spirit.Don't move, blocked, disease occurs.

whatever health preservation methods, or the doctor prescribed remedies for you, ultimately will fall to the three major principles.

if the heat don't avoid the evil fire snake, in order to cure diseases or even emergency help, what method can accept everything.But in the end still want to return to the sun be the spirit of nourished AIDS, this is the tao of health for a long time.

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