Wireless WIFI is "kill fine culprit"?

when the environment changes, changes in eating habits and the pace of life, the role of the virus infection and other factors, more than all kinds of legends "kill"

low how to protect fine?Routine, quit smoking wine reduction, a balanced diet and so on appears to be a cliche, is the fundamental way to

computer, mobile phone, wireless WIFI...Non ionizing radiation effect on human reproductive health talk more and more fierce, widely is WIFI will kill fine recently.Reproductive medicine experts say, no strict scientific evidence of micro electromagnetic waves produce qualitative change to the male sperm, "essence of WIFI will kill" overstated."

the word "kill" in any searches, the results are of ten million meter.Expert thinks, "kill" topic has been hotly debated, with human nearly 50 years of continuous, slow decline in fertility, but in fact the environment change, changes in eating habits and the pace of life, the role of the virus infection and other factors, more than all kinds of legends "kill".How to protect fine?Routine, quit smoking wine reduction, a balanced diet and so on appears to be a cliche, is the fundamental way.

: wireless WIFI is "kill fine culprit"

"WIFI will kill" the legend of the spread on the Internet, however, search back, found that the earliest sources of domestic portal site, citing foreign media reported.On November 30, 2011, the People's Daily said, citing foreign media reported a study Argentine scientists invited 29 men to participate in the experiment, their semen is placed in the distance connect WIFI laptop computer 3 centimeters, discovered that sperm vitality declined obviously, put in the connection of WIFI laptop computer after 4 hours, 25% of the sperm to stop activities;Place the sperm in the far away from the computer, only 14% of the sperm to stop activities;Place the sperm in the computer didn't connect WIFI, will not affect.Organize research scientists Conrado Avendano said. As a result, found with WIFI Internet reduces the male sperm activity, increased DNA fragments, which affect male fertility.

Internet microblogging transmission process, the legend of upgrade, become a "wireless Internet during emits electromagnetic radiation is' kill fine culprit! Men attention... cherish life, away from the WIFI".

experts: exaggerated, but increase the panic

is not only a wireless WIFI, mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, there are electromagnetic fields, will produce electromagnetic radiation, "may influence, but what influence have how old, have not strict scientific practice to confirm."The third hospital affiliated to guangzhou medical university, director of the center for reproductive physicians xiao-lin long believed that a large number of electromagnetic radiation, for a long period of time, can have significant consequences, but traces of radiation, such as wireless WIFI is not enough to produce qualitative change to the male sperm, the legend of "WIFI will kill" exaggerated, ACTS more panic, make the person worry about reproductive health.

"technical control" are more willing to speak in data - WIFI radiation measured values only for the safety of the international commission on non ionizing radiation ceiling of 0.03% to 0.3%, the health risk is quite mild.

the nut rumours netizen Albert_JIAO doing crushing popular science article, citing 2007 Hong Kong telecommunications administration in various locations around 62 WIFI routers, measure the radiation intensity, the commission found that measured values only international non-ionizing radiation safety cap of 0.03% to 0.3%, and radiation values are in very close to the location of the wireless router.The health protection agency has estimated that even if a wireless router to open all the year round, it produced a year mobile phone radiation may also is only a few minutes.

protect fine suggestion: routine, quit smoking reduction wine, balanced diet

xiao-lin long said, "kill WIFI" triggered heated debate behind the panic, even is the human concerns about their fertility decline.He introduces, male fertility has been slowly declining nearly 50 years, fell by 1% per year on average, male semen quality in our country in recent 20 years, rate of sperm activity and normal morphology sperm rate fell by 10.4% and 8.4% respectively.

family planning institute of science and technology of guangdong province, deputy director of the lisa zheng is introduced, according to a 2009 Chinese infertility research report, China's reproductive population fertility rate was 14.8%, and 20 years ago, the fertility rate is only 3%.Lisa zheng said that the man born without a fine natural occurence rate is only 1%, far more common situation of infertility male sperm and semen liquefaction, less number and low activity such as little weak sperm.

how to protect the sperm?Expert introduction, routine, quit smoking wine reduction, a balanced diet and so on appears to be a cliche, is the fundamental way.

1. Try to avoid environmental pollution.All heavy metals in the environment pollution of germ cell formation damage, so pay attention to avoid pollution, especially in the workplace, try to avoid the infringement organic solvent of germ cells (often exist in coatings, adhesives, paint, and detergents).

2. A balanced diet and natural as far as possible.In addition to the environment, diet is the most easy to come into contact with the male germ cell sensitive way of chemicals, such as processed food preservatives, additives such as dye, therefore, suggest that as much as possible the consumption of natural water and food, eat less processed foods, especially high anti-corrosion cooked food, food packaging, etc.

3. Quit smoking wine.Nicotine in cigarette smoke can damage, caused male semen contains fine quantity is reduced, increase the rate of sperm deformity.Adult male, 30 absorption cigarette, sperm survival rate is only 40%, while the sperm deformity rate increased.While alcohol can lead to male reproductive function abate, cause chromosomal abnormalities, further may lead to fetal abnormalities or dysplasia.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.Boil the night sleep, work and life pressure factors, such as life has been proved to affect health and quality of sperm.Preferably at 11 in the evening before bed.

5. Ensure the scrotum ventilated breathe freely.Men don't wear tight jeans, airtight underwear, etc., to avoid bubble hot spring, the sauna, frequency, in particular, not more than once a week.Laptop heat dissipation at work, also can inhibit sperm development, so men should avoid long time put computers in the knee or leg position.

6. Avoid virus infection.Clinical findings, in the clinic of infertile men, many people are involved in history of sexually transmitted diseases or feculent sexual behavior, stones and other diseases caused by urinary tract infection, the more common virus infection such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, urethritis, orchitis, epididymis phlogistic, etc., is one of the important reasons for the sperm deformity caused by.

three months before childbirth: men "afforestation" best

expert special remind, before women trying to conceive, especially men need three months ahead of schedule "afforestation", guarantee the physical exercise, maintain good lifestyle and habits.

this is because the human SSCS development to form a sperm and mature, need an average of 78 days, in the meantime, eliminate the various factors affecting the quality of sperm, at least in a cycle is the most effective to improve the quality of sperm.

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