Readme: a female patients infected with AIDS can live long

guide language: a lot of people are in doubt, infected with AIDS will die?General can live how long?Besides the sex accident, what way can be infected with HIV?The following is to know about the together.

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said a female patients infected with AIDS can live how long

a female AIDS patients readme

when I knew I was diagnosed with AIDS virus (HIV) infection, the only feeling is finished.Note that zhang is thin thin paper is my death.Only in the heart pain, despair, just want to hurry end my short and sad life, time and time again attempted suicide.

thanks to appear in the life of two people, one is the epidemic prevention station Hu Shaoyuan section chief of the city.A very kind and warm-hearted man, let me take seriously their own illness, let me know, in particular, a female HIV virus is carried, to [, self-esteem, self-improvement.My family couldn't close to me and hu section chief is the first person to shake hands with me.Section chief and other medical personnel with the assistance of hu, hear me AIDS virus carriers.Profoundly feel more forcefully than pain, despair of peace, tolerance and longing for a better life.

is another boyfriend now.The people are very hard-working, another support to understand me.Belong to the enjoyment of hardships and stand hard work then he didn't know I drugs, then know that abandon me no breakouts, but help me detoxification.Once I paranoid hallucinations, could not help but ran to the toilet a few door, chasing, play the door so hard that handles all played bleeding in order to let my rehab, scold my knees that I also get rid of me to buy drugs, kept crying and swore to him no longer suction can be a drug addiction, and couldn't help it, a let happened which I can never forgive myself.Do not look at me repeatedly detoxification, finally.Said, he didn't believe in drugs so severe, suck again to quit for you.In this way, half is in anger, and was angry, he also became a drug addict, both was sent to the drug rehabilitation center.

drugs ruin the youth, and her boyfriend I infected with the HIV drugs.When drug addiction, can eat raw chili, blunt cool baths, night playing CARDS to transfer their attention.With the past that help addicts thoroughly broken links, I'll find constantly moving, is hiding but also use the opportunity to seek, to tell him the dangers of drug use, HIV/AIDS prevention.Once, a few toxic friends find me in the past, said he would let me syringe injection drug.I resolutely refused to tell him I am living with HIV, will infect to him.But the root of the drug seizures without these, said water washing line, one of the dig out from under the bed of a dusty don't know what time the disposable syringe, cried out, let me find some water for him, want to dilute the drug.I said no water side, the side took the syringe to give under your feet, to crush the two eyes are red almost beat me at that time, a little all not afraid, feel special.

just the beginning, and her boyfriend opened a laundering shop.There are dozens of yuan a day income.Can people know me, even avoid walking I wash hot shop, no longer someone, even the innocent little niece I saw her boyfriend want to tease her a hug her happy, eldest brother at once take his daughter away far, my heart is very painful.But I also realize that family is so treat me, already can't trust me, but suffered from the disease, and end your life is by no means the best choice!Must be strong and live well.

so I just looking for people who don't know my place to somebody else, at the same time to do some small business together to make a living.Although life is very difficult, but two people try every way to properly make money now.Boyfriend will drive can also cook.But I can't.Once, someone said to me with malicious intent, looks pretty if go to maybe a night to make above you sell these sewing kit for a month, I gave the guy to scold go to tell the truth.Money, had had two people eat a steamed bread, a talent but I have not had any of those crusty, again and again after resist various temptations, feel what is called a person, feel how good people can live with dignity.

everyone is consciously assume drug and HIV/AIDS prevention propaganda task, in order not to let more people go my way.Now I stand up bravely, to tell you frankly about his situation, state their views.Everybody wants to totally, and timely to their own health is to do a good job of detecting.(love white net)

how long can general people infected with HIV live -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

said a female patients infected with AIDS can live how long

how long to live, usually people infected with HIV

a healthy person from infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) to death, generally can be divided into three stages, the first stage is called acute HIV infection, infection after a small number of infected people will appear similar to the symptoms of influenza, such as fever, sore throat, rash, swollen lymph nodes, in 2-3 weeks, the symptoms will disappear naturally.

then infected people to enter the second stage, this stage is called the asymptomatic period, about 80% of the whole process from infection to death, then the patient is called HIV carriers, on the surface of most infected people are healthy, with no difference between normal person, just the body's immune system is to fight the virus to an invisible.

HIV every day to destroy a large number of immune cells, and bone marrow by accelerating to generate new cells to compensate, but the new cells added speed always couldn't catch up with the speed of cell loss.In normal human body, per cubic millimeter about 800 to 800 the immune cells in the blood, and people infected with the AIDS virus, the immune cells per cubic millimeter of blood is declining at an annual rate of 50-70, when the immune cells was reduced to a cubic millimeter of blood, only 200 or so, the decreasing speed will be faster.The duration of the infection of asymptomatic period can be longer or shorter, less for two years, up to 20 years, its length is closely related to the infection, usually, menstrual blood infection (mainly for illegal blood collection and sharing syringes) for 4-5 years, sex infection for 11-13 years commonly, if an infected asymptomatic period can reach 13 years, can be called long-term survivors.

when people infected with the AIDS virus immune cells have been unable to contend with HIV, it marks into the later stages of HIV infection, according to symptomatic period, at this time, the infection is called HIV/AIDS (AIDS) patients, they are very vulnerable to other infections, some do not constitute a threat to people's life at ordinary times of common infectious diseases such as pneumonia, once in the body will be unable to control AIDS, people died from 6 to 24 months.

, experts say, AIDS patients, will appear all sorts of explosion, such as continuous skin herpes, meningitis, cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc., can be a male more than one hundred jins weight down to seventy jins, deep-set eyes, hair loss, muscle atrophy, difficulty breathing, skin itching, and even alzheimer's, loss of memory, dying as a skeleton wrapped in leather.

the possibility of an unsafe sex HIV infection is much -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

said a female patients infected with AIDS can live how long

the possibility of an unsafe sex HIV infection is much

is an unsafe sex is infected with HIV?Why gays easily get AIDS?

the west since the late eighty s began investigating sexual contact transmission law, research has shown that male the highest risk of transmission to men, then, in turn, for male and female, female and male, the female female, and in different sex, anal sex transmission have the greatest danger, then the unprotected vaginal intercourse and oral sex and masturbation.

the data shows, men and men had a hazard ratio of 1/10 to 1/1600, if a healthy men with an infected men unprotected anal sex, ten times there will be infected with HIV, and the most optimistic estimate is 1600 times only once, that's why gay men easily infected with HIV.The other is that the risk of male to female 1/200-1/2000, 1/700-1/3000 women infected men, women infected women has yet to have reliable statistics.It is estimated that in Thailand, women through sexual intercourse will be the possibility of HIV transmission to men for every one hundred sexual contact with an average of 3, 6 people have been infected.

either developed countries or developing countries, sexual intercourse is the main way of HIV transmission, but the other way is more likely to spread the virus.According to various estimates, the mother to the spread of the virus to the baby's probability is 13%, 48%, if by accident in the process of medical needle pricking the skin with HIV in the blood, the possibility of a virus is only one over two hundred and fifty, or 0.3%, but the input with HIV in the blood, the infection rate is 90% to 100%.

another survey showed that HIV infection due to infections of the infection period of different and different.In general, the highest early infectious disease, infectious ratio of 1/10-1/20, because people infected with the virus in the body content is the highest, the second peak transmission is the asymptomatic stage is coming to an end, clinical stage the coming period, infection rate was 1/100-1/200, asymptomatic infection chance is 1/1000.

, according to the results of a survey of gay men in an unprotected anal, if the partner is just at the early stage, the strongest infectious receiver, the possibility of infection was 10%, 30%, and in the intermediate stage of infection, the receiving party by the possibility of only 0.01 -- 0.1% of infection, but by the late infection, infection and recovered to 0.1-1% possibility.

mosquito biting insect bites will not spread AIDS -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

said a female patients infected with AIDS can live how long

mosquito insect bite will infect AIDS,

when the mosquito sucking blood does not own or just suck blood injection was biting, but only as a lubricant infuse saliva to vampire.And HIV - 1 in the mosquito can not copy and live a very short time, therefore, even if the virus into the mosquito in the body can't infected mosquitoes or transmission to others.

there are some other reasons can be further shows that don't have to worry about mosquitoes spread of HIV.First, people do not always have a high level of virus in the blood;Second, mosquito mouth surface usually only a tiny amount of blood, the study found that mosquitoes mouth blood residue was only 0, 0004 ml, according to the calculation, to mosquito bites AIDS 2800 consecutive must have a destination, the residual blood to carry sufficient quantity of HIV and then transmitted to another in a healthy person, and, in fact, scientists who study insects found that mosquitoes after the vampire usually don't go to bite the next, but need a long time to digest absorb into the blood.

study, and other popular viruses such as hepatitis, pneumonia, malaria, HIV - 1 is a very fragile virus, it outside the human body's survival time can't more than three or four hours, hot water, soap, alcohol, chlorine bleach is the bane of HIV - 1, virus also cannot live acid in the body of the stomach in the environment, as a result, experts say, those who fear HIV - 1, insect bite or through the spread of public swimming pools worry is redundant.

once the skin was cut and increases the risk of exposure to the virus, the most simple and effective method is that the blood come out, on the surface of the wound and then clean with disinfectant, if there is no disinfectant, a soap or a lot of water also can reduce the possibility of infection.

other studies have also shown that people's saliva contains traces of the virus, if there is no damaged, oral or lip mucosa virus cannot be transmitted through saliva.However, France's research shows that the French kissing for a long time may damage the mouth or lip mucosa caused by HIV - 1 enters the body through the wound.

what is the most effective treatment of HIV/AIDS -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

said a female patients infected with AIDS can live how long

what is the most effective treatment of HIV/AIDS

although HIV - 1 cannot effect a radical cure, but has a lot of progress has been made in medical treatment, medical researchers have successfully extended the life of HIV carriers and AIDS patients.The first confirmed can prevent HIV - 1 in patients with copy of drug in the body is zidovudine (also called AZT), when AZT appeared in the western developed countries, in the late eighty s, when patients costs about $10000 a year, fell to $2738 by 1997, Thailand and some other developing countries through negotiations, make the cost of each patient fell to $657 a year.

however, AZT can only be extended, on average, each patient about six months of healthy living.In 1994, a more efficient, using three antiretroviral drug treatments were invented, because it is a kind of combination therapy, so also called HAART (or HAART therapy).

new antiviral combinations in the United States and Europe have significantly reduced the spurt of AIDS disease and mortality.The therapy because of the role in HIV - 1 reverse transcriptase and protease, therefore strongly inhibit the replication of HIV - 1 in the body.Application in the early infection cocktails, make maintain normal CD4 cell count, CD4 / CD8 cells (both for immune cells) ratio increased, lymph node structure intact, significantly reduced the amount of virus in the blood and tissues.Europe and some Asian countries and the United States many acute and chronic infections have been in use for these antiviral drugs.

cocktail therapy can also be used for the prevention of iatrogenic HIV infection.The United States, according to a survey of 260 medical workers if medical staff once they are in the process of working with the blood of virus hurt skin, as long as you can within 2 hours, the risk of infection is zero.If in 4 hours and internal medicine, the risk may increase 20%, more than 48 hours, the possibility of infection was 100%.

cocktail therapy is now considered one of the most effective control HIV - 1 copy of treatment.But it is obvious that the treatment side effects, and very expensive, need about 100000 yuan a year.

AZT can prevent mother give children the HIV - 1 infection, use of AZT and new NVP (d happy life) for HIV - 1 infection in pregnant women and their babies, preventive treatment can make the mother-to-child transmission rate reduced by 15-40% to 8-10%, it is widely applied in European and American countries.D happy life, in particular, each just $4.

studies have shown that babies in the womb in the probability of infection is only 5%, while 85% will be in the process of birth by mother's vagina existence virus infection, another way of infected is breast milk, the dangers of breastfeeding can be increased by 25% - 25%.At present, in the west, the effective method to block mother-to-child transmission is accurately using drugs or before delivery time of delivery, cesarean section, to stop breast-feeding.(39 health network)

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