Clinical common symptoms, abdominal pain

abdominal pain is a common symptom in clinical, are also contributing to the cause of the patient.Abdominal pain is much by internal tissues or organs caused by some intense stimulation or damage, can also be caused by chest diseases and systemic diseases, acute abdominal pain, also known as acute abdominal pain, has the characteristics of changes, develop more quickly, once the delay in diagnosis, would have severe consequences, and even cause death;Chronic abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, diagnosis is difficult at times.Underneath, small make up from the perspective of Chinese medicine, explains the abdominal pain, hope I can give you some help.

clinical common symptom of abdominal pain

abdominal pain - overview

abdominal pain syndrome, from the theory of plain question. For pain.Including, flank, rou GUI umbilical areas such as the abdomen, lower abdomen.Disease for pulse for volume 4: "pain in the stomach, the sides of umbilical, Mao Ji, called abdominal pain."YiZong required volume 8: "abdominal pain is divided into three parts, the navel more pain, for the lunar spleen; when the umbilical and pain, for the shaoyin kidney, abdominal pain, less for jue Yin liver and salt of arteries and veins, and large intestine."Bamo ayi. "a summarization on the medical volume 3:" abdominal pain one certificate, intangible and tangible.... presumably in dirty, give priority to with liver and spleen kidney; in the inner parts, mainly intestines and stomach."Five diseases "rejuvenation", "abdominal pain with food, cold, heat, blood, dampness, phlegm, insect, virtual and real is nine."And storage of blood, remove lump, etc can cause abdominal pain.

"JingYue encyclopedia. Miscellaneous card Hume" : "the pain with the actual situation,... but when examine its the person that can press is virtual, out of the firm; more than long pain, sudden pain more solid; eat a can of virtual, bloated with feared predator is real; xu pain and slow, have to the person many, pain in play and strong, do not move for real; pain in the intestine, are content with hysteresis is more real, pain in the cavity side channels for real, not involved in dirty and back, no expansion hysteresis more empty."

1, haemorrheological nature abdominal pain treatment: releasing cold warm, facilitating pain relief, the formulas: good pill or upright day sweet powder.(galangal, dried ginger, basil, radix linderae, incense, dried tangerine or orange peel, etc.)

clinical common symptom of abdominal pain

2, heat treatment and abdominal pain, heat, wet, relieving cause, diagnose: large bearing gas tonga subtraction.(rhubarb, glauber's salt, magnolia bark, acid-insoluble ash, etc.)

3, cold abdominal pain treatment: temperature tonify deficiency, in pain.Agent: astragalus membranaceus chienchung tonga taste.(cassia twig, caramel, ginger, jujube, peony, licorice, astragalus root, ginseng, atractylodes, etc.)

4, dyspepsia abdominal pain treatment: the food guide lag, the formulas: acid-insoluble ash lead lag pill to add and subtract.(rhubarb, acid-insoluble ash, the divine comedy, astragalus membranaceus, rhizoma coptidis, rhizoma alismatis, atractylodes, poria cocos, etc.)

5, and abdominal pain treatment: the liver resolve depression, pain, qi and syndromes: radix bupleuri evacuation, add and subtract.(radix bupleuri, bitter orange, fragrant, dried tangerine or orange peel, peony, licorice root, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, etc.)

6, blood stasis treatment of abdominal pain, diarrhea, pain, syndromes: lower abdomen by stasis tonga subtraction.(angelica sinensis, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, radix paeoniae rubra, cattail pollen, 5 faeces, myrrh, yanhusuo, Sri Lanka, cinnamon, dried ginger, etc.)

clinical common symptom of abdominal pain

abdominal pain, abdominal pain diet care

1, [of] the onion, ginger, carrot each amount.

[usage] yellow, divided into two, Fried hot, alternating iron pain.

[indication] abdominal pain.

2, [of] ginger, scallion.

[usage] altogether, hot wine a blunt, or apply the bellybutton.

[indication] cold abdominal pain.

3, [of] shell longan, rice wine.

at the end of the [usage] baked-on research, take 10 g each time, rice wine.

[indication] cold abdominal pain.

4, [of] white pepper, green beans each equal parts, rice wine in moderation.

[usage] for fine at the end of the warm yellow rice wine to send, every time 3 g, 1, 2 times.

[indication] cold abdominal pain.

abdominal pain - other treatments

1, the treatment

(1) mugwort right amount, using vinegar fry heat, apply the cloth in the CV 8 point and pain.Suitable for cold pain, pain.

(2) the tender stem leaf amount, cold rice right amount, altogether to mash into the pie, apply is in navel CV 8 point.Suitable for hot abdominal pain.

2, acupuncture

(1) acupuncture: abdominal pain, take closed in te 6, chung wan, guan yuan, day three pivot, sun, vaginal intercourse, Yin valley;The sun cut belly pain,Product pain take qi hai, chung wan, white.

(2) moxibustion: pain in the umbilical, defecate pond, moxibustion CV 8 point (belly button).

3. Diet therapy

(1) ginger soup: ginger 15 grams (break), put a bowl, add boiling porridge, affix a fan for a while, add salt to taste.Suitable for cold evil resistance type of abdominal pain.

(2) : rhubarb honey water rhubarb 15 grams, add 200 ml boiling water to soak for 15 minutes, add right amount honey, generation of tea drinking.Suitable for hot and humid indicates lag abdominal pain.

(3) the root of remembranous milk vetch galanga glutinous rice porridge: astragalus membranaceus 20 grams, galangal 6 g at the end of the (r), 100 g glutinous rice, brown sugar is right amount.Astragalus root and glutinous rice to cook mature, add indicates ginger and brown sugar to boil for a minute, strike.Apply to the abdominal pain.

(4) dried ginger soup: dried ginger 3 g, 3 g, galangal 60 grams of japonica rice.First Fried dried ginger, lesser galangal rhizome juice, slag, reentry japonica rice, boil porridge.In the morning and 1.Applicable to the spleen and stomach type cold abdominal pain.

4, prevention of regulating

the summer do not eat cold, or greed to sleep on the cold, or too emit heat work, in case of heat and dampness invasion.Don't hurry run or for other acuteness activity after a meal, don't overeat.Patients with abdominal pain when pay attention to rest, keep the mood, can eat much food less, diet all fat hard thing in the world.

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