Mother and daughter successively H7N9 died of bird flu infection will infect family?

on February 15, who planning commission reported in yunnan province in the year to the second case of human infection with H7N9 patients died of bird flu, the mother for the first patient, two people sharing a common live poultry exposure history.

mother and daughter successively H7N9 died of bird flu infection will infect family?

report, said patients Yang XX, female, 23 years old, on January 21, a three people to celebrate the Spring Festival in jiangxi, have contact with live poultry.On February 4, back to kunming, symptoms of fever, feeling fatigue, self medication, persist.Because of its female confirmed human cases of infection H7N9 as close contacts, on February 8, at 1:00 am into yunnan province by the provincial negative pressure emergency center car infectious hospital isolation treatment.

tested negatie H7N9 on admission, after admission, progress rapidly, after repeated testing, confirmed as H7N9 tested positive for avian influenza virus nucleic acid.By the national, provincial experts to rescue invalid, Yang 20:03 XX on February 14, in patients with death.Two consecutive H7N9 bird flu deaths, caused widespread public attention and concern.

between person and person will infect avian flu?

in fact, this kind of H7N9 family gather cases in our country is not for the first time.As early as January, 2014, hangzhou xiaoshan just happened three successive infection and the situation of the disease.

H7N9 virus infection in some people because one of the most important risk factors, is a direct or indirect exposure to infected poultry or poultry toxic pollution of the environment.At present, our country confirmed H7N9 cases, the vast majority of before the onset of live poultry exposure or exposure, and are exposed to a live poultry sold the proportion of the farmer's market is in the majority.

mother and daughter successively H7N9 died of bird flu infection will infect family?

there is no evidence that H7N9 viruses can be transmitted through properly deal with poultry or eggs to humans.In addition, eat cooked food nor H7N9 virus infection.

have bird flu, recently caught a cold what to do?

because there is no vaccine can prevent the disease, the key of treatment is found true condition as soon as possible, as soon as possible for antiviral treatment.Especially after found himself caught a cold, be sure to use of antiviral drugs as soon as possible, such as Oseltamivir (Oseltamivir or Zanamivir (Zanamivir) such as neuraminidase inhibitors.Symptoms such as mild, fever, cough, sputum less, headache, muscle joint pain, etc., can take therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, to the daily life of common to the honeysuckle, mulberry leaf, forsythia prescription.

and then to the formal medical institutions to make a diagnosis and give treatment as soon as possible, and tell the doctor may contact the birds before onset, environmental exposure, and birds, such as whether to live poultry market, recently been to where to travel, etc.

medical personnel, a comprehensive history of patients with clinical manifestations and suspicious exposure doubt its H7N9 virus infection, in order to reduce the possibility of progress for patients with severe.

mother and daughter successively H7N9 died of bird flu infection will infect family?

the current outbreaks will more and more serious?

according to the usual outbreak epidemic law of cases after the Spring Festival each year there will be a significant reduction, and the low level of popular until late April.The rising epidemic has been contained, and the recent outbreak of each key provinces has taken a more strict on live poultry markets and live poultry trade control measures, the further development of believed to contain the outbreak will have very good effect.

the birds still can eat?

poultry is the body good food sources of protein, cheap and fine.Chickens, ducks and other poultry is certainly can buy, also can eat, but must eat safety.

mother and daughter successively H7N9 died of bird flu infection will infect family?

a is to pay attention to avoid direct purchase live poultry, direct contact with live poultry and live poultry slaughter on its own.Try to buy fresh cold, eat a quarantine certificate of birds, ice fresh poultry and its products.Especially in has been found to have H7N9 epidemic area, more not to buy live poultry.Scientific analysis proves that the concentration of cold fresh poultry slaughtered fresh poultry, ice, not only with current now kill live poultry slaughter have the same nutritional value, also can greatly reduce the risk of infection diseases such as H7N9.

2 it is must not be purchased live birds from the current vendors, nor will flow from or live poultry market vendors purchased live poultry and their home YangQin collection.Survey found that recently has been closed in live poultry markets in some areas, in the integration of a suburban and rural areas cases H7N9, because the vast majority of purchased live birds from the flow of vendors, or only the exotic bird and poultry collection after exposure to infection.

3 it is to remind the elderly, in particular, the original is a basic diseases such as chronic lung disease, diabetes, coronary heart disease and constitution is poorer, more when buying poultry products try to avoid or reduce contact with live poultry, don't go or less environment with live poultry.

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