Found that blood pressure at home, emergency step-down to do?


the author: BuLiPing Zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university Cardiology, chief physician Associate professor

source: good doctor online

if found that blood pressure at home, usually need to do the following things :

1, immediately to rest, find a place to lie down and the hypothesis or half supine position, where the light is downy, air circulation, don't talk loudly, comfortable rest.

2, monitoring blood pressure.Between 5-10 minutes of monitoring blood pressure once, measurement method is to see my article ( how to measure blood pressure before accurate? Home blood pressure self-test exactly right?), generally 2-3 times, need to measure average more accurate, measuring the blood pressure of the upper arm and heart in the same horizontal plane, limb muscle relaxation, observe whether natural decline blood pressure.

3, administering blood pressure medication.If there is captopril can contain 1 tablet, about 5-10 minutes to work, also can be used repeatedly after a half an hour;If at the same time accompanied by chest tightness, chest pain and other symptoms, can contains sublingual nitroglycerin tablet, also can achieve the result of a drop in blood pressure;If none of the above drugs, home with nifedipine (nifedipine), can also take one pill containing when high blood pressure, pay attention to blood pressure not to drop too fast.

all in all, high blood pressure don't panic, want to make clear whether hypertension emergency first, if not in accordance with the above method can keep blood pressure control, learn to be a smart hypertensive patients.

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