After 30 years old, male male hormones continue to fall, he will lose the 6 items

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all exclamation "thirty instruction", but he only long belly, more advanced than that of belly growth is the speed of the enthusiasm.You find him into the men of "cold," home is not holding a beer can look at sports, is a head to the front of the computer until late at night.Don't busy sad, all this is likely to be his hormones in trouble.

the male sex hormone, is to make men more like a man.But after age 30, the male body of male hormone decline gradually, down about 1 ~ 2% per year on average.This affects not only is your life in bed, he a man muscle, bone, the man's manner...Your touch, vision, feeling, everything, everything will change.

after 30 years of age, male male hormones continue to fall, he will lose the 6 things

male hormone

mainly testosterone, produced in the testicles, 95% to 5% by the adrenal glands.The regulation of male hormone secreted by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, the level of rhythmic happens within 24 hours, the highest in the morning, the lowest in the evening.

PADAM more and more young

a in Shanghai, jiangsu, anhui, zhejiang survey showed that 55% of the respondents were male hormone lack of symptoms, but that number is less than 4, the proportion of treatment is much less.This symptom has a distinguished name abroad male hormone lack (PADAM) - middle-aged and old man, young adults are now approaching man.

after 30 years of age, male male hormones continue to fall, he will lose the 6 things

testosterone decreased, he will be less?

does not have edges and corners have less muscle and fat to

testosterone makes men look more man, mainly is we the muscles of the eye.Sex hormones can adjust the proportion of muscle and fat, reduce storage of fat in the body, help more developed muscles.Where is the lack of it, the man is fat to are "arc" model.

less desire - in bed without passion

it is said that 99.9% of a man's head is sex.Decreased, but the male hormone testosterone is in fact the sexuality of important substance (medium) decreases, sex may actually more often in his head, and cannot be put into action.

less good cholesterol and blood becomes sticky

sex hormone of blood vessels to the man is just as important as sunscreen to a woman's skin.Clinical studies have shown that sex hormones in male body has the effect of prevent angiogenesis atherosclerosis, testosterone can lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, reduce blood viscosity.Lack of it, good cholesterol will reduce bad cholesterol increases, blood becomes sticky.

less bone calcium and osteoporosis

we have two kinds of cells in the bone, called osteoblasts, and strive to build bone cells, a different kind of cells, osteoclasts, constantly destruction of bone cells, both of them together to ensure the bone metabolism, testosterone plays a role in this process.No supervision of sex hormone, easy to imbalances between the two kinds of cells, causing huge loss of calcium and osteoporosis.

less interest and have no interest in anything

nerves and endocrine functions of the system of two closely linked, a decrease in the level of testosterone lead to decreased nerve stability greatly, resist the minor impact of the outside world, it is easy to become brittle, irritable, have no confidence, and female menopause just emotional disturbance.

less endocrine balance, prostatic hypertrophy

a man also have trace estrogen in the body, and the proportion of male hormones in balance together.Male hormones, estrogen can increase, through a series of subtle biochemical reactions, awaken the growth factor in prostate cancer cells, make the cell hyperplasia, hypertrophy of the prostate.

after 30 years of age, male male hormones continue to fall, he will lose the 6 things


big hormone killer

tobacco due to the effect of alcohol, male testosterone levels decline after drinking, leading to male hormone secretion reduced gradually.Tobacco also has the same effect.

age in addition to women, men also experiences the change of hormone secretion.Male hormone secreted the most exuberant when in their 20 s and 30 s, then gradually reduced.French scholars study of 20 ~ 60 years old men found that, in these forty years the male male hormone secretion decreased by 25%.

fat fat may affect the endocrine function of pituitary before and after puberty, which affect the growth of testes, lead to below normal levels of the male hormone androgen.If obesity continue to adulthood, there may be more the appearance of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, will affect the function of the male hormone.

pressure of male hormone secreted by the brain, if the body under too much pressure, in other words, "when the body is in the struggle for survival mode", compared with survival in a secondary position of reproductive system will give up right, automatically reduce the sex hormone orders, this is a natural instinct to protect the body.

scientists research has shown that excessive movement, large intensity or depletion of motion for a long time, long distance cross-country marathon, for example, can make the testosterone levels drop.

staying up late sleep and the relationship between testosterone levels are very stable.When the body is in a state of calm, testosterone levels will rise, the highest in the early morning.If sleep severity shortage, testosterone levels and energy will drop sharply.

after 30 years of age, male male hormones continue to fall, he will lose the 6 things

competent recipes, save the hormone that eat

animal innards contains more cholesterol and cholesterol is an essential ingredient of the synthesis of sex hormones.Right amount edible animal heart, liver, kidney, intestine, such as internal organs, is beneficial to improve the level of testosterone, increase sperm production and improve sexual function.

good fats can improve the level of male hormone secretion.The study found that the intake of fat can improve the level of male hormone secretion, the intake of fat between 25% ~ 30% of total calories diet is the most effective.Combined with low fat and high in carbohydrates diet, may reduce testosterone levels 30% ~ 50%.

zinc zinc food plays an important role in the preservation of the male reproductive system functions.Zinc deficiency can make to reduce the number of sperm, and affect sexual desire, sexual function decline.Zinc content in the food with the highest first oyster meat, beef, milk, chicken, chicken liver, egg yolk, shellfish also contains a certain amount of zinc.

oats extract can improve male by promoting luteinising-hormone-releasing hormone levels.Oatmeal is therefore many bodybuilders will choose diet.

after 30 years of age, male male hormones continue to fall, he will lose the 6 things

sports can improve male hormone?

this is the case, exercise can actually improve the secrete testosterone levels in the body.After you start, the secretion of testosterone levels rise gradually, peak to 20 to 25 minutes.Then this level began to drop, to 40 ~ 45 minutes when the secretion of testosterone ground to a halt.

the regular long endurance sports (marathon) will suppress the secretion of testosterone.If you want to increase testosterone, preferred the movement of high intensity, short period of time.

a Japanese study summarizes 6 a androgen reduce crowd:

  • the bank clerk

  • teacher

  • the architect

  • business elite people

  • people engaged in mental Labour, exercise little

  • before engaged in competitive sports is abruptly terminated

Tips : nutritional supplements ( please consult a doctor, don't blindly taking)

1. Tribulus terrestris: tribulus terrestris is regarded as a kind of the dietary supplements that can improve the natural testosterone levels.Athletes generally use tribulus terrestris extract to enhance energy levels, and promote hormone health circulation, shape and support build muscle strength training.

2. Epimedium herb: epimedium contributes to dilate blood vessels, make more blood flow to the muscle cells, finally promote the growth of muscles and energy boost.

3. Chrysin: chrysin is a kind of highly effective natural estrogen inhibitor, can inhibit the excessive estrogen secretion, helps maintain the balance of the male hormone and female hormone.

4. Phytosterols: supplementary phytosterols can directly reach increase hormone secretion, become strong purpose.

5. Add muscle powder: in the morning and drink after motion, can increase the secretion of testosterone, to create the environment for the growth of muscle.

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