Why eye doctor to the patient are scattered the pupil?


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scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

in ophthalmic clinic, consultation, operation, mydriatic patients from time to time to come round to see a doctor, some need to go home, and some need to be on the spot, some require before the operation.So why on earth should eye doctors give patients mydriatic?

scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

mydriatic, as the name implies: loose big pupil, use eye drops drug relax ciliary muscle to make dilated pupils.Pupil, in fact is the hole in the middle of the iris is just like the iris of the camera, the light entering the eye is the channel, the size of the pupil will affect how much the light entering the eye.Pupils have physiological adjustment reaction, the pupil is circular, transparent, such large eyes, 2-5 mm in diam.If the pupil diameter less than 1.5 mm or greater than 5 mm, margin irregular, colour and lustre is abnormal, slow light or disappear, often reveals the occurrence of some diseases.

scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

the pupil to bleach exactly what was wrong with?

his elder brother in the operation, such as for patients with cataract, retinal surgery, preoperative mydriatic, cataracts can be exposed thoroughly everything in a glance, retina, iris will hinder the operation of the organization, by expanding "aperture", thus to expand the field and the operation smoothly.

scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

what is a cataract ultrasonic emulsification operation?What is artificial crystal?

when his elder brother outpatient service, consultation, mydriatic is much more complicated.

first, give children mydriatic, before I have wrote an ophthalmic doctor xu take you know small specialized knowledge ", you can see, main is a ten-fold increase in children is stronger, mydriatic, paralysis, ciliary muscle after medical optometry can accurately detect refractive status.

scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

children amblyopia need early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment

second, uveitis patients, his elder brother is typically given specialized treatment.What is uveitis, can look at the link the envy of careful uveitis, wrote a simple before.Uveitis, can remove with mydriatic ciliary muscle spasm, reduce inflammation organization activities, promotes inflammation subsidise, relieve pain, prevent the lens and iris adhesion, maintain the shape and size of the pupil, avoid the generation of irregular pupil.According to the degree of disease and severe, useful atropine gel, useful also beauty Doris.

scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

check the fundus why can detect diabetes?

third, check the eyes, after the festival, especially check the fundus.Such as the spherical lens, lens dislocation, typically require specialized can be observed.Previously, mydriatic can "aperture" expand, to observe the posterior segment of retina, and so on and so forth.Such as high myopia, retinal detachment, retinal hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, etc., all of his elder brother should be specialized, can better check the focal retinal degeneration, retinal hiatal, sugar change, etc.

scattered pupil why an eye doctor to the patient?

fundus examination is very important, which need to check the fundus disease?

4, some checks need specialized treatment, such as fundus fluorescence angiography, retinal photocoagulation, etc.

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