Replace the gastroscope, stomach trouble patient new savior

the majority opinion, gastroscope is a very painful.Doctors use a black plastic cover with endoscopy slender tube, from the client to stretch into a mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum.Light source device emits light, the optical fiber to make light, so the doctor can clearly see that the other end of each part in the digestive tract.Due to the strong sense of nausea, patients often feel miserable.

instead of gastroscope, stomach trouble patient new savior

new capsule endoscopy "capsule endoscopy" full name is the remote control system, principle similar to gastroscope.But the capsule of small volume, into the body will not produce foreign body sensation and discomfort, and even don't even need anaesthesia, there will be no adverse reactions.After enters the body, the movement of the capsule endoscopy attitude and direction can be precisely controlled, implement comprehensive accurate shooting.Another relatively conventional gastroscope has the advantage of capsule endoscopy using polymer materials, thus eliminating the risk of infection may be existence.

instead of gastroscope, stomach trouble patient new savior

capsule endoscopy check steps:

1, patients in check, ready for inspection.

2, like at ordinary times take capsule drugs, patients drink warm water, and swallowed a capsule robot.

3, good in bed, doctor will operate instrument control robot endoscopic examination.

4, the doctor inform you of inspection results.

check for about 15 minutes ended, the "capsule" can in a day or so by natural metabolism.

instead of gastroscope, stomach trouble patient new savior

the expert thinks, capsule endoscopy is good, but compared with the mature technology, traditional gastroscopy capsule endoscopy is a part of the blind area.According to incomplete statistics, at present about 20% of the parts is almost unable to see, so hiding in the corner of the malignant disease may be ignored.In addition, for patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as congestion, the capsule robot may be stranded in the body, produce unnecessary risk, so the examination of the capsule endoscopy can make decision after careful consideration.

instead of gastroscope, stomach trouble patient new savior

is limited by technology, capacity, risk factors, such as price, capsule endoscopy has not spread on a large scale, but there have been many hospitals are actively introduce and develop capsule endoscopy examination project, is expected in the near future, the technology will be more safety and benefit the public.Now focus on "health stomach to" WeChat service number: JKWLFW, brought the book for free.Quantity is limited, first come first served basis, with experts to guide online one to one.

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