Shark fin card to the throat how emergency treatment

The location of the

in general, stuck barb has three: around tonsil, throat piriform fossa in and esophagus.The first two parts comparatively light, and could reveal a with tweezers.But if mishandled, bones will go deeper, stuck in the esophagus, this position is deeper, have blood vessels on both sides and the esophagus, slightly careless, may prick blood vessels.

shark fin card to the throat how to emergency treatment

bones after the card to the throat, exactly how to correctly handle?Can press the following steps: first, to immediately stop eating, reduce the swallow.If it is the child, don't let the noise of the crying, so as to avoid the shark fin in laryngeal cavity;Second, the big bend the bow, fierce cough action, or use a chopsticks stimulation pharynx posterior wall, induce vomiting, if barb pierced soft tissues is not deep, can be squeezed out;Third, if still invalid, can with a spoon or handle pressure before part of the tongue, raise a flashlight or a small mirror, carefully observe the throat, found bones tweezers, pull gently, like a card of pharyngeal reflex sensitivity, nausea is difficult to cooperate, can let its open mouth, the sound of the hair ah, to alleviate the discomfort;Fourth, if still not solved, explain shark fin position is deep, is not easy to find, would then go to hospital in time, doctors use professional equipment, remove barb only 5 minutes.

take shark fin, a lot of people are indented tongue automatically, you can take a piece of clean cloth around the tongue, gently press the outward, throat will be exposed to.

card shark fin, a lot of people to use the method of soil such as stuffed buns, vinegar, the delicate bones that is likely to be useful, it can be pushed into the stomach, but will be big and hard so he ever deeper, even pricking esophageal or large blood vessels, pose a threat to life.In addition, vinegar acidic, although can soften the calcium, but take a long time.Many people drink a swallow, and bones contact time is short, to reach the effect.But an emergency, can drink a few mouth in your mouth, and go to the hospital.

first aid measures

1, shark fin Geng throat, but many orange peel, a little narrow, with a slowly swallow, can dissolve the fishbone.

2, softened with vitamin C.Tiny bones Geng throat, desirable vitamins C1, administering, slowly swallow, several minutes later, the bones will soften.

3, drink duck saliva Live ducks, only 1 catch ducks feet let it sing, outflow KouXian, with a clean cup bowl sheng, drink slowly nourish throat, small bones soon melted.

shark fin card to the throat how to emergency treatment

4, drink well water.Barb stuck throat, if drink vinegar also doesn't work, can be in the next morning, drink a bowl of well water, can eliminate the bones.

5, drinking olive nuclear water Taking olive nuclear grinding with water, can eliminate the barb

6, or the toothbrush with a spoon please man down the front of the tongue, in the light conditioning over the tongue, tonsils, pharynx posterior wall, etc., as far as possible found bones, reoccupy tweezers or chopsticks.

7, method is invalid on the idea that patients sick as much as possible, let the bones.

8, if through the observation can't find a bone spur, and patients still have bones stuck throat feeling, also can use simple small prescriptions will spur softening;Clematis root, 10 g ebony 3, 15 grams of sugar, vinegar, soup of boiling water, slowly swallow.

10, a clove of garlic, white sugar right amount.Garlic, peeled, cut into two nostrils to swallow a spoonful of sugar, don't drink.If you don't work, to swallow a spoonful of sugar, this method is used for bones stuck throat and effective.

11, a barb stuck in the throat, with a purple skin garlic, cut into 2 disc, according to the size of the nostril, 2 cloves of garlic is cut with a knife into a large on the other side is small, then the small end gently into your nostril, two nostrils fortress garlic, mouth a spoonful of sugar, sugar melting nature, don't swallow it directly, then to breathe in through your nose and mouth gently exhale, generally sugar the barb out of his sight, and if there are feelings can come again a spoonful of sugar.

12, throat foot reflection zone (feet between thumb and forefinger deep, the edge of lr 3) massage for about three minutes.Can help eliminate the bones.


1, its larger or deep shark fin, no matter how to swallow, pain, on both sides of the entrance of the throat and all round if no bones, should go to hospital for treatment.

2, when the barb stuck in my throat, don't let patients into the swallowing large pieces of steamed bread, pancakes and other foods.Although sometimes it can get rid of bones, but sometimes such improper handling, not only didn't get rid of bones, on the contrary make it deeper, more should not be removed, serious when inflammation infection is more trouble.

3, if mouth pharynx rice bones are still not to drop, don't start work.Shark fin has fall sometimes, but also left a sting.So wait look, if you still feel not well, you must send for a doctor to the hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment.That was the most appropriate barb wound treatment.

4, shark fin stab throat is not correct, majority is the entrance of the long bones in your tongue, or throat

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