Women how to use a condom The female condom usage

when people having sex if you don't want to pregnant, you have to do some protective measures, common is contraception is the condom and the pill, but because of the side effects of birth control pills on the human body, condom so it becomes the best choice.With the development of science and technology, also appeared some female condoms on the market, but many people do not understand it, so someone asked a woman how to use a condom?What methods of contraception for women?Then, one by one to you for your reference.

women how to use a condom The female condom usage

women how to use a condom?Female condom usage introduction

the female condom is made of polyurethane materials, transparent, soft and strong abrasion resistant sheath set, it is about 17 cm, the length of the thickness of 0.42 ~ 0.53 mm, maximum diameter of 7.8 cm, in contraception at the same time it can very effectively prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS).The following is the female condom usage, for your reference.

1, the outer ring and inner ring

the protection of the vaginal opening, ring and inner ring used to fix its position in the vagina.

2, and set of

squeeze the inner ring with thumb and middle finger, index finger against set bottom, or tight knead and sheath.

3, put

pinched her inner ring, will be set into the vagina, until the feeling has been to the correct location.Note: it will not cause harm by into too deep.

4, make sure that the location right

should make sure the condom is not distorted, and split ring always end in the vaginal opening.

5, remove

in order to avoid the semen, please remove the condom before get up.Pinched when taken out and ring spinning gently will set out at the same time.

use extra lubricant in the following circumstances: dry penis, failing to act freely in and out, sounding, the perception of condoms in the act.

women how to use a condom The female condom usage

women what methods of birth control?

1, long-term oral contraceptives

this is a synthetic estrogen, taking once a month, simple, convenient and safer.Defect is causing increased blood pressure, have the hidden diabetes risk, fixed number of year of the medication is generally not more than five years.The drug injection effects and side effects are basically the same.

2, sterilisation

including female sterilization and male sterilization, the most commonly used are female tubal ligation.Surgical sterilization, the effect completely.If you want to pregnancy again, need to after the operation.

3, vaginal ring

ring made of silica gel, with progesterone sustained release, effects and side effects and subcutaneous preparetions same long-acting contraception, need to their place, remove.May increase the chance of vaginal infections.

4, rhythm method

in the monthly female ovulation, is vulnerable to avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy in order to reach the purpose of contraceptive methods.This method has the advantage that can be removed from the side effects of the pill and trouble, instruments and tools as well as to the operation of the side effects of contraception concerns, such as defect is high failure rate.

5, subcutaneous preparetions long-acting contraception

in the silicone tube into the progestational hormone drugs, in subcutaneous preparetions, can slowly release from a capsule in a row, a long-acting contraceptive effect.Advantage is quantity is small, no effect on lactation, drugs through the liver, blood lipid levels were normal.Shortcomings have irregular vaginal bleeding, menstrual decreases, amenorrhoea;Use and operation is needed to stop use.

6, the intrauterine device

artificially put foreign bodies in uterine cavity, more for metal ring, inhibit the implantation of embryo sac, as some of the intrauterine device with birth control pills and copper, have the effect of increase contraceptive effect.Advantage is convenient, durable, safe and effective, but the side effects are also obvious, such as ring pregnancy, menstrual quantity falls off, abdominal pain, synthetic, or ectopic and so on.

7, a short-acting oral contraceptives

daily use of birth control pills, its advantage is the contraceptive effect most satisfied (birth control pills twice) is the failure rate of intrauterine device, less side effects.The present study also showed that the pill has the effect of prevent endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer, at the same time does not increase the incidence of breast cancer.

it's shortcoming is mainly influence on the cardiovascular system, has increased the possibility of increased cardiovascular disease, blood fat, the incidence of thrombosis.In addition, daily use more troublesome, easy to leak, caused the contraceptive failure.

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