Abdominal distension, nausea, belching, intestines on the drum is the original one bag

the big ye feng, a 81 - year - old, because the stomach ache to our hospital outpatient service, half a month ago because of his stomach ache in the outer court hospitalization, the registered into a gastrointestinal surgery, of course, but the gastrointestinal surgeons have seen his CT examination, and made a physical examination, think big ye feng is located in the right upper quadrant pain, CT showed right upper quadrant found gallbladder stones, so I transferred to uncle feng to outpatient service.

abdominal distention, nausea, belching, intestines on the drum is originally a package

I think cannot be ruled out after carefully check the gallbladder stones accompanied by acute cholecystitis, then put uncle fung was in the hospital, hospital after infusion after uncle fung pain relief and examination showed the big ye feng interleukin increased significantly, liver function is normal, however, through careful inspection, considering his condition is not as cholecystitis, then consider in addition to cholecystitis may also several possible, is a kind of gastroenteritis, appeared diarrhea, before because patients admitted to hospital after admission and diarrhea several times, the second consideration is the vascular disease, patients with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and once because of lower limb arteriosclerosis toes ischemia, with the exception of mesenteric vascular ischemia.

abdominal distention, nausea, belching, intestines on the drum is originally a package

so, check again the enhanced CT scan, the results showed the gallbladder stones, cholecystitis, duodenal diverticulitis, according to the clinical manifestations of the uncle fung I think are the causes of his abdominal pain duodenitis.Ask uncle feng frequently, abdominal distension, before he really burping, nausea symptoms.

abdominal distention, nausea, belching, intestines on the drum is originally a package

duodenal diverticulum is mainly, congenital development limitations caused by duodenal intestinal wall outward show cystic highlight (primary diverticulum), middle age 40 ~ 60 years old, this male slightly more than the female.Most of the diverticulum patients may not produce symptoms and the X-ray barium meal or gastroscope inspection found.Only a few patient can appear diverticulitis, obstruction, and perforation, bleeding and other symptoms.

diverticulum produce the exact reason is unclear, most considered by the limitations of congenital intestinal wall muscle layer hypoplasia or weak, plus the intestinal pressure increase, leading to diverticulum.

duodenal diverticulum is no typical clinical manifestations, symptoms are caused by complications happened.Upper abdomen full bilge is the more common symptoms, is due to diverticulitis.Accompanied by belching and dull ache.Pain no regularity, acid drugs can't ease.Nausea or vomiting are common.When inside the diverticulum is full of food and the inflation, can oppress the duodenum and partial obstruction symptoms.

duodenal diverticulum generally do not need treatment, symptoms can be medical treatment, first with drugs, diet to alleviate symptoms, general medicine treatment is invalid and complicated diverticulitis, hemorrhage or oppression adjacent organs when considering the surgical treatment.

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