"Authority issued a" xianning hiv-infected people and patients has amounted to 601 people!Among them, 14 students infected...

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today is December 1,

29th world AIDS day

a lot of people might think that the topic of HIV/AIDS from their distant


according to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention published

epidemic situation of infectious diseases


China lead to most deaths of infectious diseases.

it's around us real,

the shadows of the AIDS

is eyeing up staring at people let their guard down

ready to enter.

according to monitoring data of epidemic, HIV/AIDS in hubei province mortality decreased from 7.38% in 2010 to 4.3% in 2015, the outbreak of minor continues to back in the country.

by the end of October 2016, the province reported existing live patients living with AIDS of 14027 cases, 4626 cases had died.

in October 1, 2016, the province's new report HIV infected patients and 2589 cases of , transmitted mainly sexually transmitted.

as of October 31, 2016, the province has reported young students, 685 cases of HIV and AIDS patients, which accounted for 71.6% of colleges and universities, the average annual growth rate of 32.4%. 114 new cases this year, all be sexually transmitted.

guo-ping peng, director of the center for the centers for disease control and prevention and control of AIDS in hubei province is introduced, the although the provincial epidemic overall smoothly, but rapid growth of young students in our province AIDS epidemic prevention and control situation is very grim .

this age children, tend to just enter the university, for all kinds of new things around them are curious, want to try one by one, in their view, this is the fashion, this is personality. many of them even don't know their real sexual orientation, just because a novelty, infected with AIDS, it is very painful!

the above graphic data are published in 2015.Source: wuhan evening news

the MSM same-sex sexual behaviour has replaced the spread of intravenous drug use AIDS become the first people at high risk of HIV infection in our country, the spread of HIV/AIDS situation has its root causes.

no regular partner .MSM same-sex sexual behaviour had mostly fixed sexual partners."Having multiple sex partners" tend to be the main cause of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

sexual intercourse increased risk. MSM sex usually adopt the way of anal sex, greatly increased the MSM same-sex sexual behavior is the risk of HIV infection.Due to the rectum, alkaline environment is very suitable for survival and breeding of the virus, and anus bowel mucosa thin and delicate, which is rich in capillaries, sex easily cause breakage hemorrhage, make pathogens from the anus and rectum lesions invaded, directly into the bloodstream.

don't use a condom. no contraceptive requirements between gay men, less reliance on condoms.MSM sex condom use is low is only about 40%, even with a condom as auxiliary, also can't completely avoid virus infection.

lubricant factors. MSM sex due to organ structure particularity, in the process of gay sex, often need to use lubricant;Because a lot of lubricant contains vaseline kind of mineral oil, easy to cause the emulsion become fragile, easily broken, thus increased the risk of HIV invades the body again.

suffering from HIV/AIDS "were dead"

AIDS caused by HIV infection (HIV).HIV is a kind of a virus that attacks the body's immune system.It is the most important thing in the body's immune system CD4T lymphocytes as the main target, a lot of damage the cells, make human body loss of immunity.Therefore, the human body is easy to be infected with various diseases, and can undergo malignant tumor, case fatality rate is higher.

AIDS is a very special infectious diseases, after HIV/AIDS, dangerous, the case fatality rate of 100%.

AIDS is really ill died so simple?Will not lead to death right away, but the declining quality of life.For people infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) can damage the body's immune system, make human body loss of immunity.

like normal person catch a cold, the body's immune system and the common cold virus, to fight, but the immune system is destroyed, people infected with HIV virus in the human body without any fear sabotage.Therefore, from the point of clinical, many people infected with systemic decay, or suffering from tumor, etc., can let a person feel were dead.

what are the symptoms of being infected with HIV ?

general early symptoms like the common cold, flu, can have the whole body fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, fever, etc., as the deterioration of the illness, symptoms became more and more increasing, such as skin, mucous membrane appeared calls aureus infection, herpes simplex and herpes zoster, purple, sedimentation blood blister, blood, etc.

after the violation of the internal organs gradually, a persistent fever of unknown origin, up to 3 ~ 4 months;Also can appear cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, persistent diarrhea, stool, liver and spleen enlargement, concurrent malignant tumor, etc.

how to prevent AIDS?

(1) comply with sexual morality, sees itself, not happen before marriage and sex outside of marriage;

(2) one thousand a sexual partner, don't know each other whether infected with HIV, but through the use of condoms to protect themselves from infection;

(3) does not lose in any without the detection of blood and blood products;

(4) resolutely refused to drugs, especially do not share syringes intravenous drug use;

(5) to accept any injection or blood tests, the use of disposable utensils.

(6) less than without permission of the medical treatment unit for injection, tooth extraction, acupuncture and operation;

(7) is not without disinfection with a wear ErDuoYan, tattoos, beauty, not sharing with others toothbrush, razor, etc.

some common misconceptions about need to correct

x is infected with HIV AIDS patients

HIV or HIV, the AIDS (AIDS) refers to the final phase of HIV infection.Body in HIV infection after two years to 10 years or even more, because the immune system by destruction, will develop AIDS, develop symptoms such as infection, tumor.

x once infected with HIV, the rest of the day is not

different incubation period of HIV infection is different, some will be in a few months, but there are a lot of people with HIV for decades, and even to life expectancy.Follow the doctor's advice, adhere to the effective treatment, the development of HIV in the body can be slow, delay the onset time, effectively extend the life of infected people.

x only high-risk groups such as abuse, drug addicts infected with HIV

in our country, HIV infection has spread from high-risk groups to the general population.In 1985-2005, the main route of transmission of HIV/AIDS in our country for intravenous drug use and illegal CaiGongXie, and at present the proportion of sexual transmission is more than 90%, means that the spread of the AIDS virus has become more and more to cities, more subtle.

x = gay AIDS

AIDS is more popular in the part of the MSM, the reason was that the MSM sex characteristics are more likely to cause mucosal damage and spread of the virus, but homosexuality itself and the spread of HIV.Instead of fear and rejection for gays, will cause the concealment of the gays, increase the difficulty of the prevention and control of AIDS.

x condoms can not prevent HIV

the world health organization says, there is evidence that male latex condoms for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (stis) protective rate was over 85%.Good quality, normal manufacturer production of condoms, can effectively isolate the virus completely, greatly reduce the risk of sexual behavior.

x through the online test, blood, etc can detect HIV

network to buy a lot of test paper no quality assurance, can't fully ensure the accuracy of detection.Donate blood for HIV testing, not only against free sex, blood donation is also highly irresponsible behavior on blood users.In fact, in many parts of the current centers for disease control and prevention can provide free HIV testing, test results is limited to undertake testing work of the medical staff know, don't have to worry about personal information was leaked.

x HIV carriers can't have children

mother-to-child transmission of HIV can almost completely avoid.Pregnant women with HIV if you can, and actively cooperate with the doctor, the right of drugs and treatment, help the fetus against HIV, can effectively reduce the spread of the virus.It is important to note that patients with breast feeding may HIV infected children.

there are three kinds of approaches of HIV infection, including sexually transmitted, blood-borne and mother-to-child transmission, which spread through sexual transmission and blood is the main route of transmission of AIDS. AIDS transmission way does not include the general contact, so AIDS patients in the midst of life should not be discriminated against, such as to have a dinner, a handshake will not infect HIV/AIDS.

please don't discriminate against AIDS,

less prejudice,

at left left give them encouragement!

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