Hundreds of old man Health archives

recently, expensive steel hospital folk public welfare organization, hand in hand into the concept of baiyun district black stone mountain lake forest home nursing homes and nursing homes, for the old people sent such as milk, and free testing for them, hundreds of the old man was built health records.

during your steel hospital medical staff and volunteers, successively into the two nursing homes, such as sent to the milk.At the same time, the hospital personnel set equipment, measured the blood pressure and bone density for old people, understand the basic health, and establish health files.

problems for most elderly hypertension and osteoporosis, the hospital medical staff to remind the old man pay more attention to diet, and told the old man the rational use of drugs, etc.The relevant person in charge of your steel hospital said, care for the elderly health is the responsibility of each medical workers, hope that through this activity, expression of hospital care for old people.

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