Singles day abuse single wang couples, remember: emergency contraception is not insurance!

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emergency contraception can birth control?Emergency contraception can be used as a routine birth control pills?Heard that use no more than three times a year, this statement right?

singles day abuse single wang couples, remember: emergency contraception is not insurance!

xiangya hospital, central south university of obstetrics and gynecology hu rong only for emergency contraception without a protective life at a time, the effective rate was 70% ~ 80%, significantly lower than the conventional methods, and hormone dose is big, more than 10 times that of conventional birth control pills, side effect is big, so the emergency contraception does not take the place of conventional birth-control .Until next time before menstruation after reliable contraceptive measures should be taken.Medication time requirements in unprotected sex or contraceptive failure within 72 hours, the sooner the medicine, prevent pregnancy the better the results.Such as vomiting reaction occurs in the two hours after taking the drug, should immediately take 1 tablet.Therefore, emergency contraception is not everything, there are also pregnant after use case .After medication may make next time menstruation in advance or delay, such as 1 week overdue, menstruation still future tide, shall be immediately to the hospital inspection, to eliminate the pregnancy.

because of emergency contraception in hormone content is larger, the user will be nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, also can cause female endocrine disorders and menstrual cycle change, etc.As a result, the suggest use emergency contraception do not more than three times a year, most used 1 times a month .But if 1 year have used three times, once again have sex sex without contraception and contraceptive failure, or to take emergency contraception.Although emergency contraception may have side effects and contraceptive failure, but the more and use it every time, after all, after pregnancy abortion more damage to the body.

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singles day abuse of single wang couples, remember: emergency contraception is not insurance!

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