Get the tumor patient to eat after the operation of learning"

tumor patients should pay attention to "eat", most have tumor to avoid, will strengthen nutrition to promote tumor growth, tumor patients how to complement proteins, cancer patients should be rational to face the temptation of "sweet", minerals, tumor suppression with a double-edged sword, plant chemicals that promote tumor, anticancer guard hidden in the food, cancer patients should not be blindly supplements, stay away from alcohol, etc.

at 8:30, on November 12, wuhan participants invited diet health experts peng, director of the cancer brings special reports.Written and presented long-de wang academician of Chinese academy of engineering knowledge of the tumor patients after surgery to eat.

registration: 027-83667739

address: wuhan office anti-cancer health club (liberation boulevard Wan Song genesis park corner square to the tenth floor, block A, industry and trade upstairs)

gifts: present send selenium-rich rice experience bag 1


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