Stomach trouble patient choose the simple method of milk Suit the milk nourishing the stomach

have seen a lot of popular science article, milk is good for nourishing the stomach, there is little milk hurt a stomach, a small version, not lactose intolerance, but gastric ulcer after drinking milk, often have the feeling of upset stomach, so I consulted a doctor, also asked the teacher, and talk to you today, how to choose milk, stomach disease patients to nourishing the stomach does not hurt the stomach.

stomach disease patients to choose the simple method of milk Suit the milk to nourishing the stomach

first, divides the whole milk and skim milk milk two kinds big, small version often choose the whole milk, why super simple - good drink.The flavour of milk taste is reflected by fat, so when you contact a never drink brands, see the matching table, fatty, usually have more milk than fat content low spied.

the fat in milk have the effect of the inhibition of gastric acid secretion, so usually love the acid in the stomach of water suitable for whole milk.Off on the other hand, because in the skim milk fat, so can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, digestive slow people drink skimmed milk is good.Small version has a atrophic gastritis patients, the doctor in his diet prescription had drawn to skim milk.Thus, different stomach disease symptoms, on the selection of milk is not one size fits all say good, or is not good.Let's separate service:

superficial gastritis: is one of the common kind in stomach trouble, from it.Patients with superficial gastritis, gastric acid secretion is usually normal, and nearly half of the patients will appear too much reaction, so a small amount of drink whole milk or is good for the stomach, or milk and rice water mix up drink can also.

stomach ulcers: swathes of glitches, peptic ulcer, milk stimulates gastric acid secretion can cause discomfort, so there are symptoms, is must be forbidden to drink during the period of stable condition after a small amount of drink low-fat is also no problem, also had better with a mixture of rice water.But for small version the taste is supreme, for low fat milk and rice water - that smell, I can only choose to abandon the directly, anyway, the way of protein and milk more than one.

atrophic gastritis: that sounds terrible, because from the risk of stomach cancer good close, atrophic gastritis is can drink skimmed milk, the doctor's diet is often used in the prescription.Without looking at the popular science, insurance.

indigestion: stomach discomfort, one of the most common situation, this kind of situation can drink milk, the main reason is that milk is rich in protein.But small version think, if it is only for indigestion, fermented yogurt is better than the effect of milk.

esophageal reflux: the no contact and direct reference section of the library science: regurgitation bile of gastric mucosal erosion not only, and can stimulate the distal G cells release gastric secretion, gastric acid secretion increased, the period not to drink milk, in a stable condition can drink less, not suitable for drinking.

the final last month to see a book and share with you the corn brain that was overturned our dietary nutrition pagoda oh, argues that most meat to eat, grain brain injury.Small version of the predator is like for this view don't don't of, but really can't accept it.The American health class is known as the best seller, don't know how people will think about this idea?

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