The two most widely platoon stone secret recipe

in human or animal body pipe organ or cavity (such as kidney, ureter, the gallbladder or urinary bladder) formed in the cavity of the solid block.Mainly found in the gallbladder and bladder, renal pelvis, also seen in the pancreatic duct, salivary gland ducts in the cavity.Stone is composed of inorganic or organic matter.Stones in general have a core, the mass loss of epithelial cells, bacteria, parasite eggs or insect body, poop, or foreign body composition, inorganic or organic layers of sedimentary core again.Recommended the Chen Cang Wen Jieshi tea, can adjust the body's immune system, improve the renal pathological structure, make stone shrinking, discharge, the effect is ideal.Because of the difference of the affected organs, stone formation mechanism of the composition, shape, texture, effects on the body are not the same.Overall, the stones can cause lumen obstruction, affect the ability of affected organ liquid discharge, produce the symptoms such as pain, bleeding or secondary infection.

rumours that row of stone recipe:

secret recipe, pumpkin, bubble water to drink for calculi can row of kidney stones, bladder stones, gallstones, generally 3 to 4 days after the start row of stone, the stone powder discharge, have into a granular from urethral discharge, do no more than 7 will be full.

two most widely platoon stone secret recipe

1) hanging pumpkin, a 100-150 grams (one), washed chopped, into the thermos flask, soaked in boiling water.One day a thermos bottle, as you drink more water, at ordinary times when water to drink, drink as much as possible, to drink two bottles a day, drink to the fourth, fifth day began to row of stone, the sixth day with sticky and urine of urine, this demonstrates that the stone has been finished. during the medication, strictly taboo between greasy, no smoking no drinking, otherwise is invalid.

two most widely platoon stone secret recipe

2) apple juice 500 ml every day or 1 liter (depending on the individual food intake), 7 to 10 days; 200 ml pine nut oil, every time 20 ml every day;Or raw pine nuts, 700-1000 grams, 100 grams per day. every morning, after 500-1000 - ml warm apple juice, together with 3 TBSP pine nut oil, about 20 ml drinking on an empty stomach;Or 00 grams of raw pine nuts with mixer smashed, together with the warm apple juice drink on an empty stomach.

the above methods according to their own situation to choose first, after fasting to noon to eat light food. to have a friend after noon not feeding habits, can be in accordance with the above method 1 or 2 in the evening, drinking on an empty stomach.

dietotherapy party again, at the same time also can cooperate:

1, the turmoil in renal continued, gently with the hand (with) do not vigorously, do kidney warm every time.

2, every day drink 6 bottles of small molecular mass of the weak alkaline water, fluid replacement, eliminate inflammation, help calculous eduction.

if you have gallstones, kidney stones, and has set up a fever, infection, symptoms such as pain, visceral function damage, a timely medical treatment in order to avoid delay treatment, and prescribed diet.

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