Left to pill and right belongs to the pill

left to pill and right to pill

left to pill and right to pill

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kidney is the foundation of the birth, the five zang-organs, true Yin and Yang within ".The human body the Yin of the insides all by kidney Yin zi, of Yang and the five zang-and the temperature raised by kidney Yang.The fire of kidney Yang is the "curse";The water of kidney Yin has said "curse".Left is water, right belongs to the fire;Left to pills, pills right belongs to the kidney, because a yue zi kidney Yin, the kidney Yang, therefore also had the "left" and "right".

left to pills

say first left to pill, left to pill from Ming, zhang jingyue "JingYue encyclopedia", "left to drink" prescriptions to liquorice, poria cocos, radix achyranthis bidentatae, dodder, antler glue, tortoise-shell glue and pills, nourishing power stronger than the left to drink, but make people vigour gradually restore is deficient, with soup to pill, with "pill" slow also.Party of rehmannia glutinosa ziyin kidney, filling lean pulp for jun;Dodder, medlar, nourishing liver and kidney, benefit essence and improving eyesight, tortoise-shell glue, antler glue ziyin latent Yang, strict JingXie for princes;Yam medicine's complement, zi kidney, spleen and stomach, and can acerbity, dogwood, kidney and astringent stop sweat, radix achyranthis bidentatae kidney and strong waist and knee, for make.All party drug pure without leakage, strict and slow.All the hepatorenal Yin deficient, insufficient JingXie of dizziness tinnitus, dim vision, waist and leg weakness, night sweats, spermatorrhea, heart palpitations, forgetfulness, god can take fatigue strength.This product is special for liver and kidney Yin deficiency, the certificate of JingXie losses, it is true, such as dizziness, tinnitus spermatorrhea license is disabled;Another or no of this product is pure, long suit could delay the specter of gas in the stomach, spleen and stomach loose stools need to be careful.

right owned by pills

say right belongs to the pill, left to pill, also from the JingYue encyclopedia, proprietary right to drink to liquorice, dodder, take the antler glue, angelica pellet.Than away, left to pill tortoise-shell glue, radix achyranthis bidentatae, add the cinnamon, monkshood, eucommia bark, angelica.This medicine function of warming Yang, fill the JingXie, also in the party is given priority to with rehmannia glutinosa ziyin kidney, but with cinnamon, lateral root of aconite can removing "Ming true fire more.Ultimately reuse rehmannia glutinosa, is called "good for Yang, in Yin and Yang, Yang Yin force and biochemical boundless".Supplemented by dogwood, dodder, antler glue, cortex eucommiae, warming Yang, medlar blood nourishing the liver, yam tonic liver and kidney.Any due to kidney Yang deficiency, Yin cold inside to waist and knee pain, god is exhausted gas afraid cold, and cold limbs, pale tongue moss white, this product is available.

words "left, right," the don't not only "male and female", also has a "water and fire" opposites, mutual root.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), treating and preventing diseases not only its own more extensive and profound cultural connotation.

left to pill and right to pill

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