Two bananas to eat every day for a month, your body will change the health


two bananas to eat every day for a month, your body will change these health

you may have heard of a famous proverb: an apple a day, doctor away from you.In the world first power in the United States, however, most people eat food not apple, or an orange, but banana.

bananas, properties, and strawberries, grapes, kiwi is relative, they belong to the berries.The definition of berries, is made up of a single flower and single ovules develop into a fruit.Organs of the ovary is flower pistil is the same as women's ovaries.

and berries, published in the United States "antioxidant food ranks at the top of the list.Bananas, for example, it contains can stimulate the immune system and composition of white blood cells.

when a banana from green to become yellow, regenerate shading, doesn't mean the decomposition, on the contrary, the banana in the matter of tumor necrosis factor TNF peak.This is a kind of can fight anti-cancer elements of abnormal cells, helps to guide moving immune cells to the site of inflammation, and caused the cancer death, slow down the growth and spread.

most people associated with cancer is not too big, but the role of the banana is not only against cancer anticancer.

two bananas to eat every day for a month, your body will change these health

bananas not only taste sweet, and rich in a variety of nutrients, natural sugars, vitamins, and fiber.Every day to eat two bananas, a month later, your body is very possible these positive changes --

and overall

energetic and refreshed

the banana is known as the potassium content is higher, so to provide energy, restore work wonders.David Beckham, li na, kobe Bryant and other international sports stars are to eat it.Its high levels of potassium can prevent muscle cramps, vitamins, minerals and low gi carbohydrate composition, helps to ensure that physical fitness.Therefore, if the exercise, had better eat a banana in advance, it can supply an hour or so the energy for the exercise.

eat banana is not only beneficial to the physical ability, also can increase energy.It contains a kind of beneficial elements called tryptophan, it can effectively treat depression symptoms.When the body to absorb tryptophan, it will be converted to serotonin, the latter is an important neurotransmitter, brain can improve mood and relaxing and happy.

two bananas to eat every day for a month, your body will change these health

the digestive tract

intestines and stomach, constipation

the banana fiber is not high, but because of its other components can improve the stomach digestion, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, therefore, eat bananas can improve bowel movement, ease constipation, don't need too much scientific theory, it is already many practical conclusions.

in addition, stomach pain, stomach ulcers, acid reflux patients can also eat bananas.Because there are many natural resistance to acid element in banana, can relieve heartburn and gastric acid reflux, etc.;Soft tissue to help cover the gastric mucosa, avoid the corrosion of acid and other incentives.Stomach uncomfortable symptoms, is likely to disappear after eating a banana.


lower blood pressure, enhance heart

bananas help to reduce the body of sodium (such as from the excessive intake of salt diet) levels, high blood pressure adjustment.

the other rich in potassium in the banana can enhance heart, eventually to prevent serious consequences such as heart disease and stroke.

two bananas to eat every day for a month, your body will change these health

nutritional and immune

ease anemia, avoid cold

bananas are rich in a variety of nutrients, is one of the key dietary iron, by iron can promote the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells, strengthen blood supply, away from anemia, and reinforce nutrition to the body.

in addition, eating bananas also helps to regulate body temperature, regardless of the autumn/winter fever, fever, or hot summer temperatures, eat it all help.

nervous system

enhance nerve, menstrual regulation

bananas can maintain normal blood glucose, which relieves the nervous system, have the consciousness of calm, and the effect of relax the body.Thanks to a banana in the vitamin B group, therefore, the strengthening and relaxation through the nervous system, it can also improve mood and reduce stress.

women to eat bananas and benefits, which is able to alleviate "premenstrual syndrome".

so you can say: a banana, daily health run.

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