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xiaoyao pill how to eat

1, xiaoyao pill taking method

xiaoyao pill is used for oral drugs, dosage of the drug and also to pay attention to taking methods, because taking bad will affect the efficacy of play, general usage and dosage of this product is a 8 pills, three times a day, or as directed by the doctor's advice.

to a week before menstruation eat xiaoyao pill, may be more better.Because if the liver depression and qi stagnation, there will be a week or so before the breast tenderness, if eat xiaoyao pill can have good treatment effect, can stop taking after menstruation is normal.

xiaoyao pill how eat

2, xiaoyao pill can be long-term use?

2.1, xiaoyao pill or relatively mild drugs, xiaoyao pill for long-term use is not recommended, special case example, special remind: patients should be taken at the suggestion of pharmacists or physicians, not drug abuse.

2.2, if you really need long-term use, it is best to stop 3 months for a month or two months using half a month like this.

2.3, xiaoyao pill is the most suitable for 25 to 45 years old people, but must suit the remedy to the case, not all people can eat, more is not suitable for 4 months baby;1-3 years old, and so on.

2.4, xiaoyao pill need taken prior to menstruation, is generally taken a week before menstruation, take seven days in a row.To stop taking after menstruation.For such three menstrual cycles.If the ease pill not appropriate oneself, also can try to take other drugs for regulating.

3, xiaoyao pill can generally how long does it take

xiaoyao pill treatment is generally a month, but in the treatment of different diseases and its treatment are also differences:

3.1), treatment of chloasma, 30 days for a course, menstruation stop taking, stop using other internal and external use drugs during treatment, take 3-6 treatments.

3.2, treatment of menstruation, 10 days for 1 course of treatment, treatment of six course of treatment.

3.3, adolescent dysmenorrhea, started by the 3 to 5 days before taking to the first day of menstruation, amuse one menstrual cycle for a period of treatment, can take 3 period of treatment.

3.4, xiaoyao pill for oral product, its doses typically 6 g each time, 2 times a day.If there are special circumstances, would be taken according to the opinion of the physician told.

xiaoyao pill how eat

taking xiaoyao pill taboo

1, avoiding cold, cold food.

refers to the raw food, cold food without cooking process, more cold food are belongs to cold food.Also include what Chinese traditional medicine in the cold sex food, most of these foods has qingrejiedu, the effect of ziyin decrease internal heat.

2, please consult physician to pregnant women.

because of its special physical fitness, pregnant women should not use proprietary Chinese medicine

3, when you have a cold not take this medicine.

a cold throat don't timely application of heat-clearing and detoxifying, functions of drugs, xiaoyao pill for attending the liver resolve depression, and the blood regulate the menstrual function, is inappropriate.

, deficiency type four months after the bulls should not take this medicine.

blood stasis type of menorrhagia is weak at ordinary times, or temper damaged after a long illness.Some too overworked at ordinary times, eat too much cold food, to temper the damaged, gas is weak, blood gas is not taken, so that the excessive amount of menstruation.

xiaoyao pill how eat

xiaoyao pill formula

xiaoyao pill is the result of medical sage zhang zhongjing treatise on febrile disease, because of its liver resolve depression effect significantly, after using blood ran smoothly, the whole body is comfortable, can obviously improve the human spirit, make the mood happy, happy, so has the reputation of free and unfettered, it for the generations of Chinese medicine is the liver of resolve depression, nourishing blood regulate the menstrual function of classical prescriptions.

this product main ingredients: bupleurum (flavour sheen, divergent, gentleman medicine, slants cool, shaoyang liver led by medicine) liver resolve depression and clear the wind-cold;Angelica sinensis, radix paeoniae alba, nourishing qi and blood, liver, poria cocos, atractylodes, liquorice spleen infiltration moisture replenishing qi, mint scattered depression in addition to the hot (cold), ginger (hot) fall in the inverse and, altogether plays liver resolve depression, nourishing blood regulate the menstrual function, spleen, and the effect.Radix bupleuri (divergence), ginger (hot), mint (cool), fever of economic.

radix bupleuri liver resolve depression, angelica sinensis, radix paeoniae alba, nourishing blood and liver three drugs to cooperate, and helps the liver with a liver body, for a party in the main medicine;Atractylodes, poria cocos, in spleen and adjuvant for party;Article with mint, ginger to help his own evacuation of power;Main licorice to reconcile the medicine to make the medicine in the party.The fungicides, make liver, blood deficiency must keep, spleen weak health, is the self-healing.

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