Infection of: did this a few things people are likely to be infected with hepatitis c

infection of: did this a few things people are likely to be infected with hepatitis c

as everybody knows, it is impossible to effect a radical cure hepatitis b, can only control.The other is a high incidence of hepatitis c?It is reported that patients with HCV infection in China more than 10 million people, but to see a doctor of patients less than 2%.If you don't control c for a long time, about 30% of people will develop into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, this is a very high proportion.

so, what kind of person, is the high-risk population of hepatitis c?

infection in henan province people's hospital of shang jia said that the transmission way of the hepatitis c virus (HCV) is not much, basic it is transmitted through blood.So, the following categories of people are at high risk of HCV crowd:

1, the use of disposable syringe patients;

2, uremia, need regular hemodialysis;

3 patients, sharing syringes;

4, to Pierce the skin behavior in informal institutions, such as tattoo, acupuncture, semi permanent as long as it is pierced the skin, also calculate.

5, fillings, teeth glinting in the black clinic patients.

c can effect a radical cure rate by 90%,

however, due to hepatitis c is spread with the aid of RNA, the performance is not stable, viruses mutate easily, so no disease hepatitis c vaccine.Even if the patients infected with hepatitis c before, then cured, also does not produce the immune ability, the future will also repeated infection.In addition, because c early symptoms are not obvious, only have mild symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, cause it is often ignored.And everyone attaches great importance to check second liver, ferial the c value is not enough, also make it through the net.But this does not mean that c is gentle, die in hepatitis c patients around the world each year up to 350000, so must pay attention to.

so, how to find hepatitis c?Good advice, if ever had a blood transfusion and other high-risk history, had better be in check body, join the HCV antibody tests."A healthy body, will not have hepatitis c antibody, hepatitis c antibody, is already infected with hepatitis c virus (HCV)."

originally, hepatitis c antibody and antibody of second liver, no protective effect to the body, only in patients with hepatitis c, hepatitis c antibody.

but thankfully, c can be cured, as long as timely treatment, the current domestic HCV effect a radical cure rate can reach more than 90%, but if not active treatment, 80% of the people for the development of chronic hepatitis c, and treatment is difficult.But if not standard treatment actively, its development into a higher risk of chronic hepatitis, 75% - 85%.

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