Several methods of contraception, the easiest to pregnancy.


if couples have no plans to want a child yet, it needs to contraception.Methods a lot, but there are several effective?Could you normally use methods are not one hundred percent of oh.

commonly used several methods of contraception, actually the most easy to pregnancy!

contraception in unreliable

middle wear of

many couples or lovers feel condoms influence feelings, often to the piston movement for a while and then wear a set of this method is very dangerous.Although the piston movement when men think you won't have ran out of the sperm, but men when excited spilled liquid may contain a small amount of sperm, quantity is little, but enough to pregnancy.So the start wear is the safest.


commonly used several methods of contraception, actually the most easy to pregnancy!

the withdrawal and the above method is actually about the same, may unconsciously sperm has infiltrated their partner's body.And withdrawal need in down close to orgasm, easy to cause the male dysfunction.

safety period

safety period generally refers to after the first seven, eight, the idea that there is no scientific basis.Knew because not in oviposit period won't be pregnant.Ovary regulation would not be as accurate as satellite launch, guess what time early or delayed ovulation, ovarian won't notice you.If it is irregular menstruation, let alone what safety period.Menstruation is not 100% safe, some girl menstruation will ovulation.

girls contraception

short-acting oral contraceptives

commonly used several methods of contraception, actually the most easy to pregnancy!

is a very good contraception, its success rate of contraception can be as high as 99.9%, very suitable for young childless women.Labor-saving cycle short-acting oral contraceptives for women no too big effect, and long-term use can improve the female menstruation to be not moved, pain and other symptoms.But taking time must be in accordance with regulations of the right way and time to take, otherwise wouldn't have any effect.

contraceptive patch

contraceptive patch, watch glows like a plaster patch, paste on the skin, can through the skin to the continuous release of estrogen and progesterone, in the human body to prevent ovarian oviposit, and make the cervical mucus thicken to stop sperm to egg, so as to realize higher contraceptive effect.Contraceptive patch is not transparent, thus can be seen.

Dan qi jun said

will know how to love their women, pregnant again after abortion harm to the body is very big.If pregnant and doesn't want to have children, remember must fill good body after the abortion, such ability won't leave sequela.

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