What kind of male hormone drug replenishment is needed

what men need to be added hormone drug

male hormone is to promote male secondary sexual and reproductive organs mature a hormone, for male reproductive development and spermatogenesis has very big effect.It can promote the mature sperm it can also make men's body more stronger, is the male has a very obvious characteristics of men.If men lack of hormones will appear secondary disappeared, even the partial feminine a phenomenon, but also affects the libido and sexual function.Will seriously affect the quality of sexual life and even sexual orientation.

how male hormone supplement

add male hormones can external use medicine or injection method, also can start from food to eat some pumpkin seeds or whole wheat bread.Can increase testicular health improve the quality and quantity of sperm can enhance the function of the body at the same time also should eat some seafood or deep sea fish.Also can drink some wine.At the same time also need to pay attention to do some exercise as much as possible.Sports can promote the metabolism of the body, can help the body absorb nutrients, enhance physical fitness.

what people need to supplement the male hormone drug

what men need to be added hormone drug

1, congenital aplasia, lack of male hormones, leading to organ development, sexual function and sexual education significantly affect the function, such as cryptorchidism without treatment or testicular tumor, all sorts of reasons cause testicular atrophy or pseudo intersex lack caused by male hormones.

2, poor sperm quality, male hormone deficiency can be added.

3, hematopoietic function is not complete, the male hormones can be promote erythropoiesis.

4, growth retardation, because male hormone can promote bone growth, promote the cells.Enhance immune function, improve your overall immune globulin, enhance airframe disease-resistant ability.When the male hormone secretion is reduced, can cause your child is partial short in peers, body emaciated, etc.

5, acquired the male hormone deficiencies, which most of the decline is caused male menopause hormones, appear male menopause syndrome in clinic, the other can consider to supplement the male hormone therapy effect is not good.Long pituitary adenoma or insufficient radiotherapy caused by male hormones, can also be added.

6, when severe feminine: male hormone is the ability to maintain male secondary sex characteristic, if serious male hormones secretion is insufficient, can lead to male feminization tendency, to have serious impact on the health of the male.

7, mature sperm cannot: male hormone ACTS on the testicular sperm production epithelial prompted sperm production, low testosterone levels and sperm production obstacle, eventually lead to male infertility.

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