How do I eat tomatoes cancer and protect liver

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flavonoids in tomatoes, reduce capillary permeability and prevent its fracture, special efficacy and the prevention of vascular sclerosis, can prevent cervical cancer, bladder cancer, and pancreatic cancer, but tomatoes also pay attention to how to eat, how to eat tomatoes protects liver cancer?

tomato is a fruit protect liver

the liver is the easiest problem of modern, alcohol, fatigue, night sleep, etc., are all damage of the liver.Such people often have irritated symptoms such as eyes are bloodshot, and still others have fatty liver.Liver method are many, in life often cook some tomatoes, spinach soup to drink, the effect is good.

tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, sexual flavour GanPing spinach, liver meridian, equals the liver, both are clear liver.The lazy way, is spinach steam them first, remove most of the oxalic acid, and then in water, throw tomatoes spinach in cooked.Slightly pay more attention, the tomato to stir-fry, then add water, boil a little more, finally put blanch spinach of dishes in, boil into the sauce.So make soup, delicious and nutrition.

how do I eat tomatoes cancer and protect liver

1, tomato juice, rice fluid and protect liver

method: first wash the onion, garlic, respectively, it into the pan fry fragrant, add tomato sauce and water, and pour into rice, cooked.Have a special scent, this food is not only has to protect liver, thirst quenching, jianwei xiaoshi, and so on.

2, tomatoes, must first fry boil soup again

the tomato egg soup is the most color, aroma and taste of home cooking together, not only convenient, and rich nutrition.Average daily production of tomato egg soup has the following two methods:

is a

will wash tomatoes and cut into pieces, beat the egg in the bowl.Pan, put the tomatoes with a spatula crushed;Stir in tomato pulp;Add water, wait for after the water boils, beaten egg into the pan first, remember that the egg liquid to carefully into a spiral, not to stir the soup at this moment, after waiting for eggs into egg flower again slowly spend eggs beaten;Tomato egg soup.

practice 2

wash tomatoes and slices or pieces, beat eggs;The pot add water, chopped ginger cooked together;After the water boiled with tomatoes, to open, thicken, turn the egg into small sparks, add a little salt, turn off the heat, turn off the heat point into a few drops of sesame oil before), tomato egg soup.

the first made is a thick soup of tomato, the second paragraph is clear soup of tomato, the two soup, not only have very different tastes, nutrition is not equal.Soup of tomato is a tomato Fried oil first, so that more conducive to tomatoes in dissolution and absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, such as lycopene.Lycopene for the prevention and treatment of prostate disease, prostate cancer, open, and protect cardiovascular, postpone skin aging, enhance immunity, etc.Less clear soup of tomato containing fat, more suitable for high blood fat crowd.

what tomatoes is unfavorable and eat together

1, unfavorable and cucumber (cucumber) with food

cucumber contains a vitamin C decomposition enzyme, can destroy other vegetables in the vitamin C, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, if the two together to eat, can reach the effect of compensatory nutrition.

2, taking heparin and coumarin the anticoagulant drugs such as unfavorable feed

contain more vitamin K, vitamin K main catalytic prothrombin in liver and blood coagulation live element synthesis.Vitamin K deficiency, can make the blood coagulation time extended cause skin and muscle haemorrhage.

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