How much you know about male morning Bob?

Bob: to a certain extent, reflects the male penile erectile function, can be judged male sexual performance.

morning Bob: refers to the male 4-7 o 'clock in the morning, the penis in the unconscious state, free from the control of the situation, action, thinking and the spontaneous erections.

normal man during sleep can appear penile erection, erection of number according to the constitution and age.From puberty, at the age of 20 to 30, erect, most times after middle age will gradually decrease.Strong erection youth about 1-1.5 hours, about 20 minutes each time, erectile 6 to 7 times per night.Middle age erectile 3-4 times every night.A 65 - year - old healthy man still have 2-3 times every night.Bob:

morning naturally becomes a important standard of male self diagnostic capability, so which factors will affect the morning Bob?Look at the following article is introduced.

note that due to the male body state is different every day, morning is not consistent, but as long as 2-3 days without clinical normal morning Bob, consider is a male sexual dysfunction disease risk.The following are some of the factors influence morning bourgogne.

1, mood,

excessive anger and depression can make morning Bob decreased significantly.

2, fatigue

fatigue, mental fatigue, also can affect the morning Bob.

3, disease

a lot of disease can affect sexual function and morning Bob.Such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lumbar disc, etc.

4, age

age on normal morning erection.After sexual maturation, as the growth of the age, the morning times gradually frequently, duration also gradually increase.After 30 years of age, as the growth of the age, the morning he will gradually weaken or recession.However, some elderly people have no morning, but still can have a satisfactory sex life.

5, sleep

sleep time is enough or not, the sleep quality, will be the influence of different degree of male hormone secretion, thereby affect the morning bourgogne.

6, drug

antitumor drugs, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic drugs, acid resistance, sedative drugs and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in rhizoma anemarrhenae, cortex phellodendri, etc., can reduce the morning Bob;And medicines such as ginseng, astragalus, velvet antler can increase the morning bourgogne.

7, bad living habits

excessive smoking, drinking, irregular work and rest time, etc., can also affect the morning Bob.

if the morning he drops, are signs of aging, the body is also a rest is bad, or the signal before the arrival of some diseases.Temperament not own medication use is also don't overstrain right now, if it is found that the morning is not obvious, should be timely to the hospital.

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