Abdominal lumps?Or swelling or pain?The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a good

a period as we know, amassing in internal clot, or swelling or pain as the main clinical manifestations, but product and gathered respectively have different clinical features, most product certificate have a process of gradually formed.Product before, the corresponding parts often pain, or and nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, and languid, decreased appetite and other symptoms.Gather the performance of stomach qi, tapping with pain, when together, or in the belly like strings together.After a long period of clinical practice, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of accumulation has accumulated rich experience, and on this basis, formed its own characteristics of theoretical knowledge, especially in supporting and tapping of carrot-and-stick treatment idea and a series of formulas, to reduce or even cure accumulation, disease and has the vital significance.

internal agglomerate or swelling or pain? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a good

internal agglomerate or swelling or pain? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a good

therapeutic principles

get card to reset, product certificate heavy blood.Get the disease in the gas points to liver qi, qi as the basic therapeutic principle, on the gas;The disease in the blood points to promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, soft firm fights as the basic therapeutic principle, invigorate the circulation.Pay attention to distinguish between different stages, to master for discretion.Early product certificate, the product block is not big, soft and not strong, vital qi, fair treatment is given priority to with attack evil, to invigorate the circulation, soft firm product gas;Interim product gradually big, qualitative hard, but the vital qi and pathogenic are virtual, appropriate tapping and supplement;The end product of hard, thin god weakness, upright, disability, put appropriate righting culture this is given priority to, to make considered additions and qi, blood, the crystal of product, don't attack too.

internal agglomerate or swelling or pain? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a good

points syndrome differentiation


move stasis

symptoms: stomach gas, tapping into pain, when together, often between threats or discomfort, often with emotional ups and downs, moss thin, pulse string.

treatment: liver resolve depression, qi away together.

syndromes: combination gas dispersion.

food material retardation

symptoms: abdominal distension or pain, constipation, stay, like strings together in the belly, weighed by the pain worse, greasy coating on the tongue, pulse string and smooth.

treatment: gasification turbidity, guide lag inner parts.

syndromes: six grind soup.

* * *

"product certificate"

qi and blood resistance

symptoms: at the beginning of product certificate, product piece of soft and not strong, sessile, pain and see, the tongue coating thin white, pulse string.

treatment: invigorate the circulation of qi and t2dm with product.

syndromes: JingPeng decoct pill.

qi and blood stasis

symptoms: abdominal block too large, according to a hard, raw, diet, the body tired weakness, thin face an, have a fever, not see women or amenorrhea, blue tongue, or have petechiae, ecchymoses, pulse string or fine acerbity.

treatment: remove stasis soft firm, benefit spleen and stomach.

syndromes: under the diaphragm by stasis soup, six gentleman's soup.

are deficiency and blood stasis "

symptoms: piece of hard and the pain gradually intensified, diet, sallow complexion or dark, thin shape, tongue color light or purple, tongue coating light grey rough or tongue no moss, pulse string or count.

treatment: benefit qi and blood, blood volume.

syndromes: 8 soup, product pill.

internal agglomerate or swelling or pain? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a good

Ye Tianshi accumulation basis a

causes not of diet, diseases of its attack on the spleen and stomach.Both into adjacent to the image on the left side, is five six.Dislikes warm cold, sun be the spirit long injury, wen agent will assist XuanTong, food should be cautious.

amomum, piper chinaroot, chicken's gizzard-membrane, amomum fruit shell, magnolia bark, wide leather, ferulic, dao pill.

yellow t cloud: "the guys on lung and stomach, and the deficiency in the liver and spleen, lung qi xie, and diseases with no. Purging gas accumulated in XiongGe right rib, appropriate purging lung and stomach to fall; gas accumulated in umbilical abdomen at the left side, and replenish the liver and spleen to rose. The integrated method of adjustable air also. Lung and stomach qi, in XiongGe right rib, liver and spleen qi, in umbilical abdomen left, both in the deficiency of the disease also. Good governance, the products of the lung and stomach, diarrhea and more less, the products of the liver and spleen, or more and less. Half filling and half of the line, not indicates closed, do not cut cut, vital qi, gradually accumulated kill yi."

cause diet not festival and spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach injuries, food and transport disorder, but the cold evil to the accumulation, rather than, then builds up.Because the sun be the spirit virtual card see dislikes warm cold, soil deficiency, liver wood subsidence is adjacent to the image at the left side."To the" cloud: "the products of the liver, called fat gas, under the left, such as cover cup, has a head."Referring to this card.Temperature card belong to Yang deficiency, the agent cannot ship the spleen Yang, has become a image, the general principles of the xuan accumulation can lift.Legislation does not liver as yellow division cloud: "diseases under depression, total lunar by weak."Therefore, striving to improve healthy qi, spleen, qi, liver volume since.

by amomum spleen dry wet, piper chinaroot, cold chicken gizzard to xiaoshi, amomum villosum in the shell and the gas, yu eliminate hysteresis, wide leather and qi, magnolia bark powder filled with gas, using ferulic into the spleen and stomach to eliminate product, dao pills, because of a long illness, should be slow to the ear.Spleen and stomach, warm sun be the spirit, and dampness, and down chang, is all CARDS may convalesce.

get rid of sub-health, which from the spleen and stomach start?

how way my aunt Mimi hurts?

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