Urine after men want don't shake, women want to wipe?


men and women need to urinate, and urine after there will be an action, the man is little affectations: shake a shake!Sometimes can't help shaking, like hit a chills, sometimes is habitual, because a few drops on the pants is always not good.While girls can have such a habit, will wipe with a paper towel, after pee think it is a real completed a process of urine.

however, there are always so worrying news came out after "girls urinate after use toilet paper to wipe have vaginitis".Many women after seeing this message, it is in an awkward situation.You said, this really have vaginitis, one thousand is no small thing;Not to wear, really a little not too habit, have a kind of a long story...Not feeling well.

so what do you want to shake after pee, do you want to wipe?Here, all men after pee if you can shake a shake, scientifically and to the health of male sex is helpful!But after the girl pee with a paper towel to wipe is not the cause of vaginitis, on the contrary don't wipe is likely to lead to genital and urinary tract infections.

we first to explain the benefits of men after pee shake a shake

urine after men want don't shake, women want to wipe?
urine after men want don't shake, women want to wipe?

on tiptoe shake a shake, bilateral leg back muscle contractions, blood volume, extruded can promote lower limb blood flow, enhance the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, thereby improve the penile erectile sponge filled with blood, and reduce blood flow, improve the rigidity and maintain an erection time, wants to stay longer, more comfortable, letters aa to pick the number 120 to help you quickly improve rd.For women, pelvic floor muscles, means that the increase of the sexual experience can also help the orgasm.

in men with chronic prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy, urinate on tiptoe can make urine more fluent.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, prostate disease more belong to the gas shortage, that urine dripping wet is endless.When urinating on tiptoe, can promote gas, with a lot of urine.

for women, urine after wiping will not cause vaginitis

urine after men want don't shake, women want to wipe?

it is the vagina the inhibition of bacteria from the function of the net, when cleaning vulva stained by toilet paper to the outside of the vagina mouth, a small number of bacteria in the vagina health caused great threat.

more outside the original only when sick body invasion, destroyed the vaginal flora balance, self-purification ability of lactobacillus can lead to infections of the vagina is weakened.And general health tissue as long as it is regular store, there are certain quality guarantee, the bacteria will not Pierce the vaginal environment.

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