Late at night for emergency appendicitis operation, probe abdominal results for a doctor.

the day night, a tummy ache patient was sent to the emergency family, this is an old lady, 80 a day collywobbles accompanied by fever, emergency doctors did not dare to neglect, hurriedly on examination, the old lady right abdomen tenderness obviously, then consider appendicitis, hurriedly opened the colour to exceed examination, routine blood tests, the results of colour to exceed appendix report showed enlargement, routine blood leucocyte increased significantly, according to the examination in the diagnosis of appendicitis should be no problem, then contact surgery, surgeons agree with this diagnosis, because of the rapid development of the appendicitis in the elderly, so did not dare to neglect, contact the operating room, emergency operation in the middle of the night, when the surgeon punched into the abdominal cavity, saw a lot of peritoneal effusion, enlargement of the appendix edema, but the doctor is strange patients cecum expansion, found in the ascending upward to probe a lump, lump insufflate expansion, on the far side of the doctor was shocked, but is it cancer?Hurriedly converted to laparotomy, found inside the colon surgery is really a big bump, blocked the gut, so surgery has been changed to colon resection surgery.Surgical removal of the colon and the appendix.

the night emergency surgery for appendicitis, probe abdominal results for a doctor.

so why colon cancer will be diagnosed appendicitis?Misdiagnosis is?

this example for colon cancer patients, leading to incomplete obstruction, cecum pressure increases, the cavity pressure can lead to appendix with increased, the appendix mouth open, and easy to enter the appendix cavity of excrement and urine, this is the main cause of appendicitis.This example acute appendicitis patients exist, there is also a rectal cancer, so can't be misdiagnosed.

as the economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, high fat, high protein of the western way of life more and more popular, the incidence of colorectal cancer in our country is becoming more and more high, and each year the world about 1.2 million patients were diagnosed with colorectal cancer, many patients have been confirmed in an period, very regret!So how to detect colorectal cancer.

first: vigilance!The following symptoms.

(1) waste with blood or pus and mucus more;

(2) bowel habit change or irregular, defecate deformation;

(3) often have a stomach ache or pain and flatulence,

(4) chronic diarrhea or constipation or diarrhea and constipation often appear alternately.

can the abdominal mass (5) or the anus in the mass;

(6) anemia of unknown origin, thin and weak.

found above symptom check to the hospital in time, do not delay the diagnosis of the disease.

the night emergency surgery for appendicitis, probe abdominal results for a doctor.

the second: regular screening:

studies have shown that year defecate occult blood screening can reduce 16% of colorectal cancer mortality.

at present, the domestic and foreign some guidelines recommend: 50 to colorectal cancer screening, screening method for a year or every two years to defecate occult blood screening, every five years to sigmoidoscopy (or fiber colonoscopy every ten years) screening.Must be a colonoscopy defecate occult blood positive patients.If colonoscopy found adenomas, serrated adenoma, large hyperplastic polyp (greater than 1 cm), hybrid polyps, and is located in the proximal colonic hyperplastic polyp surgery must be removed.

all in all, colorectal cancer early detection, early treatment can prolong survival, even can be cured.

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