The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experts to action Old stomach trouble diagnosis and treatment

of traditional Chinese medicine experts to action Syndrome differentiation treatment old stomach trouble

 of traditional Chinese medicine experts to action Syndrome differentiation treatment old stomach trouble

Zhang Shijun Chief physician Graduated from China institute of traditional Chinese medicine, was born in officialdom to family, from childhood with the father to study medicine clinical, engaged in clinical work for more than 40 years of traditional Chinese medicine.Good at treating gastrointestinal, atrophic gastritis, peptic ulcer, reflux esophagitis, chronic diarrhea, colitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, cough, bronchial asthma, myocarditis, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, menopausal syndrome, etc.Visit time: Monday, two, morning visits location: dongcheng TCM hospital

era progress, our life better, eat and drink more and more delicate, but our stomach is bad.Loss of appetite, stomach pain and flatulence, hiccups, for no apparent reason seems to be a period of time will find you.Many people ignore their symptoms for a long time, there will be some serious stomach problems, such as gastric and duodenal ulcer.Dongcheng digestive department of traditional Chinese medicine hospital Zhang Shijun director said, gastric and duodenal ulcers, also known as peptic ulcer disease, data statistics, every five men or 1 out of 10 women have had the disease, the disease can occur at any age, especially in the majority with young adults.Duodenal ulcer with gastric ulcer, according to statistics, the former accounts for about 70%, which accounts for about 25%, the coexistence of both compound ulcer accounted for about 5%.If the delay is not more, can cause bleeding, gastric perforation, such as emergency and severe cases, even lead to shock and death.

poor eating habits easily induced gastric and duodenal ulcer

modern medicine thought: the onset of gastric and duodenal ulcer except with excessive gastric acid secretion, gastric mucosa protection abate, bile reflux, genetic, medicine, environment and so on, also is closely related to the following factors.

a, for helicobacter pylori infection.Engraftment in gastric mucosa of h. pylori, damage to the digestive tract mucous membrane, is the most important reason to induce gastric and duodenal ulcer.Our natural crowd the fungus infection rate was 40%, 40%, one of the important reasons for the high incidence of peptic ulcer disease.

2, section for eating.No law, not overeating, eat when eating too fast, rough, spicy, hot, too cold food, alcohol can mucosal injury, damage the stomach secrete rhythmicity, cause of peptic ulcer.

3, as a mental factors.Sustained and excessive tension, through the neural pathway and neurohumoral accelerate the secretion of stomach acid, cause gastric and duodenal mucosa vasospasm, causing ischemia, weaken the resistance of mucous membrane, can cause the disease.Smoking causes peptic ulcer, ulcer and make it difficult to heal, easy to relapse.

upper abdominal pain, need to be mindful of peptic ulcer

Zhang Shijun, prompt, director of upper abdominal pain was the main symptom of gastric and duodenal ulcer.Duodenal ulcer in more pain in the abdomen, or above the umbilicus.Gastric ulcer pain can also occur in the upper abdomen, but a duodenal ulcer pain location is on the high side, some under xiphoid process or xiphoid process, to the left.Pain more than a dull pain, burning pain, often because of mood fluctuations, overwork, aspirin use antipyretic analgesics, such as climate change causes for, aggravating.Because of the ulcer to heal, healing and easy to relapse, so long-term recurrent pain, average duration of 6 to 7 years, as long as one and twenty years.Each attack last several days, weeks, and then a long time to ease.All year, and the disease occurs in the spring and autumn seasons.The pain has obvious correlation with eating.Gastric ulcer pain one hour after the meal, and often gradually 1-2 hours;Duodenal pain occurred between meals, after eating a meal to reduce.

in addition to the upper abdominal pain, stomach and duodenum ulcer patient also always heartburn, belching, pantothenic acid, nausea, vomiting, it is important to note that some of the digestive tract ulcer, especially the elderly patients with no obvious symptoms, only to see a doctor when it bleeding.Such patients misdiagnosed easily, cause adverse consequences, must not treat STH lightly, it is not difficult to diagnosis of peptic ulcer, endoscopy is the main examination means.Supporting

Syndrome differentiation treatment of peptic ulcer

the gastric and duodenal ulcer for this virtual to real the certificate.This deficiency in spleen and stomach cold, liver stomach Yin deficiency is given priority to, the real depression and qi stagnation and blood stasis, fire, phlegm wet is relatively rare.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine to the disease is divided into six card type: diseases with stasis, blood stasis, fever, fire mixed depression, liver, spleen and stomach deficiency cold stomach Yin deficiency of six.

1. Diseases with stasis

the diagnosis bilge full, tapping pain even threats, according to the relatively easy, every pain aggravated by modern not free, belch is frequent, moss thin white, pulse string;

2. Blood stasis

the diagnosis a stabbing pain or dull pain, pain has its place and rejected by, after eating or night is aggravating, dark purple tongue, ecchymosis, arteries and veins;

3. In a word, not

the diagnosis pain and chills like warm, joy or hot and dry, cold drinks and loose stool or xi, the diagnosis hot, red tongue moss yellow or greasy, pulse string slide or string;

4. Fire yu

pain potential urgent, upset, irritability, pantothenic acid, the diagnosis heat.Dry mouth mouth, red tongue, yellow moss, wheat string number;

5. Taste xu han

the diagnosis pain or dull pain, cold or hot xi, accentuate when hungry, eat, it decreases, encounter cold pain, limb owe temperature, pale tongue fat, pulse sink slowly or fine;

6. Liver stomach Yin deficiency

the diagnosis burning pain, dry mouth, dry throat, stool stem node, red tongue less moss, pulse count.

Zhang Shijun director of advice, treatment of the disease, on the basis of syndrome differentiation, sent the clinical, supporting, implements the personalized treatment, can highlight the huge advantage of traditional Chinese medicine.In traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of peptic ulcer, not only can quickly eliminate patients' symptoms such as pain, belching, pantothenic acid, burning, and able to "cure", from the source to improve gastric bowel function, inhibiting gastric acid secretion, promote ulcer healing and prevent recurrence.Experimental study confirmed that application of some traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndrome differentiation, such as rhizoma coptidis, dandelion, fumaric, cassia twig can inhibit and kill h. pylori.

this decoction soup cure heart decade gastric ulcer

make use of the party is Zhang Shijun, director of a feature for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system.Recently, zhang with this decoction soup heart, cure a case of intractable peptic ulcer, once again confirms the treatment effect, proper differentiation, used properly, can achieve good curative effect.Mr. Li, a stomach disease patients had a history of nearly ten years, have just turned 30, but illness.Because must work, often don't eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, hungry, eat a meal, dinner is very irregular, over time, stomach problems will find you.Started, he doesn't mind. Think young, quite a pretty, will be good.And the recent stomach frequent attacks, the illness is more and more heavy, diagnosed by gastroscope examination: the gastric ulcer.Who take Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, the curative effect is not significant, as long as a drug withdrawal, stomach disease recurrence.He found Zhang Shijun director, based on the analysis of his heartburn, but afraid of cold, such as the arms of ice, is typical of fever, and see the certificate after mixed, zhang was treated with this decoction heart tonga subtraction nearly three months, not only completely eliminate stomach symptoms, review of gastroscope and ulcer healing.

spleen and stomach disease diet taboo

Zhang Shijun director reminded:

1. Avoid alcohol, strong tea and coffee.Wine, in particular, it contains ethanol can directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, would worsen ulcer.

2. Avoid eating frozen and overheating.The temperature is moderate diet, drink tea, soup should not be overheating.

3. Avoid eating without law.Appropriate eat much food less, avoid hunger pain, pain to eat one or two soda biscuits.

4. Diet too meat, oil, and Fried food.Diet is given priority to with easy to digest food, Fried to boiled meat, vegetables don't half a lifetime.

5. Diet of monosodium glutamate, spicy and salty food.Food is given priority to with light, heavy stimulates gastric acid secretion, a small amount of ginger and pepper, can warm the stomach and strengthen the protection of gastric mucosa.

at the same time of drug treatment, the patient to change bad living habits, establish healthy life style, eliminate excessive anxiety, do take rests, eating well, give up smoking, drinking less cure disease.

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