When five out of the question, what is the reaction?

when five out of the question, can react?
five problems have what reaction?What kind of symptoms do you have? is important!Please be sure to look!

five zang-organs, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney;Fu: stomach, large intestine, small intestine, the sanjiao (triple energizer), bladder, gallbladder.The human body internal organs.It can also be used things inside.

today let's talk about the five internal organs of the "liver", "kidney", "taste", when the five problems, our body will have what symptom, we can directly to tell?

a, liver

liver have a problem - especially suffered from hepatitis, the following four phenomenon can not have any recurring seizures.

when five out of the question, can react?

1. The tightness in the right upper quadrant pain.

2. The right lower back pain.

3. The right shoulder feel acid, hemp, pain, and even cause the right hand can't raise it.

4. Calf cramps easily while sleeping at night.

liver problems arise in our body will produce the phenomenon will be:

1. Liver, like a fist, a positive, there are positive if hardening, swelling, back into our intercostals nerve, intercostals nerve would pain;If, at the back right waist ache.

2. The liver is bad, the evening will sleep quality is bad, over and over is not easy to fall asleep;After getting up, dry mouth, mouth bitter, , gums bleed when you brush your teeth.Usually have no interest in food, don't eat not hungry, eat a little bit I have a full feeling;Walk a step or two crus is acid, feel the body is more and more tired, hands and feet is also more and more powerful.

3. The liver is bad, the foot will often turned to, not again twisted;Accidentally cut, the wound is not easy to heal.

4. Like friends, drinking alcohol reduces suddenly.Or uncured chronic skin disease, live very not, pay attention to the liver.

2, kidney

when kidney problems - our body produces phenomenon will be:

1. Kidney has two pathways, up from the foot yongquan, walked to the foot after root inside, along the inside of the legs go up again.

1 came up from behind the waist combined with bladder and then go up on both sides along the spine.When our kidney is not good, the gas will shortage, blood will not come;Therefore lumbar acid, back pain, up to the neck, neck will feel stiff;The back of the head will feel faint bulging uncomfortable, to the top of the head will MenZhang, over his head down to the two "sharp point" between the eyebrows, dry eyes to sleep.

when five out of the question, can react?

article 2: up from the front, after a thigh with us genitals and liver, finally along the sides to his chest and lungs.Kidney has a problem, thighs on both sides of the acid, soft and weak, often itch.Unable to deliver gas to the chest and lungs union, our breathing is not smooth, slowly for a long time after the inside of the trachea naturally atresia, a locking air easy to come in, people will feel suffocated, must be "dry" to alleviate it.

when five out of the question, can react?

2. Air cannot be combined with bladder, bladder sphincter in metabolism of cells would be easy to deaths caused by the relaxation, urination condition is bad, urinary frequency, long after the cell necrosis slowly, finally incontinence.

3. See what part of the pupil is called "vision", is directly controlled by the kidney, kidney problems, kidney water can not be delivered to the eye, the eye will feel dry, acid, acerbity, slowly vision will be blurred, serious can appear black shadow, called "floaters", long after the pressure will be more and more big, cause glaucoma.

4. In the morning, the heel can be uncomfortable because, when resting, blood in the liver, the kidney will temporarily ischemia, get up to send blood to the body, because of bad kidney gas is too weak, blood is too slow, joints, blood loss will stiff, activity, blood circulation to the joints can easily.

5. People alive can talk, talk, consumption itself kidney spirit is too weak, not to waste gas will do not want to speak, because of work can't afford not to speak, the voice will not come, hoarse.

6. Want to take a deep breath always feel not enough gas, fast will natural breathing, shortness of breath a, nasal ischemia, the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity because of ischemia, resistance will reduce, the dust mites in the air will damage it, damaged, of course, will be sensitive, damp, weather, weather, can't bear will attack, called "allergic rhinitis.

7. Male friends of prostatic (prostate), women's ovaries, uterus is indirect, directly related to the kidney, therefore, the kidney have a problem, to a certain age, prostatic hypertrophy, andWomen for kidney is not good, ovaries, uterus will be weak, cold, cold, there is no power to every month should drain the menstrual blood of row, row are stranded in the womb, not clean every menstrual blood come out, can't completely eliminate all stay in the womb, long unavoidably cause blood clots accumulation, the formation of tumors, known as the "uterine fibroids.

8 menstrual blood every month, and you won't come back and forth inside the impact, the lining of the uterus will can't stand the menstrual blood will can't stand the menstrual blood inside the push , will be out of shape, ectopic, known as the "endometriosis";Slowly endocrine will chaos, excessive secretion, red leucorrhea will be formed.

9. Time is long, the kidney is more and more bad, gas is more and more weak, hands and feet will begin to cold, especially in the winter cold.Slowly for a long time, not a sit, stand nor, walk also not, certainly will cause nerve injury, don't sleep well at night to sleep, very not easy asleep, a little voice will be woken up, even fell asleep and dreaming all night, have a sleep like didn't sleep, every day is very tired.

three, spleen and stomach

when five out of the question, can react?

spleen and stomach problems arise, our body produces phenomenon will be:

1. Symptoms of shoulder pain may: right shoulder pain "liver" often have a problem.Left shoulder ache when there is something wrong with the "heart" and "stomach".Shoulders are not feeling well at the same time, often feel stiff neck, is certainly "digestive organ" out of the question.

2. Migraine: do you often feel there are signs of pain on either side of the temple, although the clinic for a long time.Take medicine or invalid, you may at the same time accompanied by constipation.Defecate difficulty or the phenomenon such as diarrhea and stomach bilge gas.This as long as the cure problem of digestive organs, the natural can cure plagued migraine.

3. It is generally thought that " constipation" and "diarrhea" are two separate things, but some people have constipation and diarrhea alternating at the same time, the phenomenon of at ordinary times often feel loss of appetite.The abdomen bilge gas. chest feeling or palpitations.Difficulty in breathing and the phenomenon such as insomnia, and to feel your own strength weakened day by day.Muscle wasting, and did not find the reason, the above phenomenon, you may have to suffer from "chronic enteritis," don't hurry up to deal with peritonitis, which can cause fatal

4. The small intestine and the lymphatic system: unexplained pain often plagued us, if your throat no inflammation, but often uncomfortable or pain, on both sides of the neck often pain, shoulder and arm of the lateral there will be uncomfortable and pain, but did not find the reason, after the massage.Massage can only temporarily alleviate , this phenomenon, please pay more attention to "small intestine" and "the lymphatic system" has been flashing red light.

5. E. : when do you often feel dry mouth.Mouth, want to drink water more, and easy to congestion.My nose is running;Usually there is no decayed tooth, tooth hurts.On both sides of the neck will swell.Not feeling well.Can't lift heavy things, the above telling us "e." has on a red light.

master all kinds of signal from the five zang-organs sick, to our daily life it is very necessary, to identify their own uncomfortable must not have the thought of "delay healing ailments" or blind treatment.When the five zang-organs found lesions signal, still need to to hospital for check in detail.

when five out of the question, can react?

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