Male sexual medicine

a lot of male friends now not so much in terms of sex, be afraid of losing face in front of their lover choose help drug to bring their power, is just a temporary effect and then no, temporary satisfaction, it brings to the male sex drugs harm is very big.

male sex drug

1, chemical synthesis of sexual medicine

as mentioned above, the chemical synthetic medicine contains sex hormones, main component is even sex hormones.And physiology, hormone adjustment is very important to the balance of the body.Growth hormone, for example, many have gigantism, deficiencies are dwarfism, insulin deficiency can get diabetes, hormonal imbalance is the disaster of the body, and sex hormones such as testosterone does to the human body is important, if the imbalance, the result cans be imagined.A study that women 9-16 weeks use sex hormones help sexual medicine, can cause the sex deformity.

2, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

help drugs can lead to deficient disease and excessive sex, damage nutrients, indirect and will contribute to consumptive premature aging and death.The principle of the controversial doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and more arcane, aside, but traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), because its composition is complicated, and difficult to have a scientific empirical research data, so how to action, efficacy, side effects and so on are difficult to detailed analysis, and had many instances that a certain number of problems.For example, some hundreds of years of traditional medicine cure effect has been good, but it was not until the modern statistics, the use of empirical analysis tool, its serious side effects were found, some even can cause kidney failure and death.In short, this kind of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) security very care!

3, hormone drugs

estrogen, provera, mainly against the physiological functions of testosterone, can cause a loss of libido, ejaculation not free or impotence;All kinds of male hormone a large number of long-term use can cause testicular atrophy, testicular synthesis and secretion of androgen levels.

4, and other types of

less people believed in Cuba, tradition, which has its social and cultural influences, but when it relates to health, even having offspring, presumably drug users will be considered.But the other, this kind of "folk" one of the most attractive places may be uncertain of mystery, but uncertain is pleasure, injuries or even death, also please you to think twice.

so male sex drug is can't literally eat, and also can not blindly rely on to help give yourself to sex and sex is fundamental to treatment from the root, or adjust habits to change yourself, anyway take medicine harm has a lot of, suggest broad male friends can pay more attention to, don't use.

male sex food

a male friend most concerned about their sexual ability, often worry about their sexual ability will decline, so often take some drugs, sex expert introduction, is better than medicine to eat, to eat the medicine, as long as you scientific diet can promote sexual ability, sex to introduce food male friends are below.

1, strawberry

strawberry is one of the fruits of many people love.Experts say that strawberry is helpful to improve the adrenaline, produce hormones, to help people achieve orgasm.In order to have better sex, you can try to eat some fresh strawberries or strawberry ice cream.

male sex drug

2, celery

celery has a special aroma, it is well known that make people eat celery can release pheromones, used to attract the opposite sex.So-called pheromones, is actually androsterone, he can stimulate the male hormone.Can try to add celery in soup or vegetables salad, let you have more sex.

3, cinnamon

cinnamon is known as a seasoning.Experts say, anti-inflammatory, cinnamon, not only can help restore normal blood sugar in diabetic patients, it can effectively improve sexual desire.The cinnamon crushed, with a glass of milk before sleeping to drink is a simple and effective method.

4, curry

the humble India curry is a potent aphrodisiac, this is a lot of people don't know.According to research, curry can increase the production of testosterone, also can promote blood circulation of heart to a certain extent, make the person produces excitement.

5, anise

star now has become the most popular aphrodisiac, be more and more people are familiar with.India even referred to as everyone's favorite "bedroom vegetables".Will star to join the daily meat, and even cooking pasta, sex effect is obvious.6, honey

nutrition analysis shows that honey contains about 35% glucose, 40% fructose, these two kinds of sugar can not directly after digestion is absorbed by the body to use.Honey also contains similar to human serum concentration of a variety of inorganic salt.Honey is not only prolong life of the market, but also cure the medicine.Honey is rich in vitamin B, can also support the production of testosterone, is of great help to enhance sexual desire.7, ginger

ginger besides can when dressing, also has to speed up the metabolism, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.A day for a man to drink a cup of water, ginger can adjust the function of prostate, male prostate disease treatment, and sexual dysfunction.

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