Four people, infertility rates as high as 92.13%.These methods are wrong!

10 years 80000 cases do stream of people hospital, dean of distressed to shut down.Statistics show that done four times after stream of people, the incidence of infertility is as high as 92.13%.

four people, infertility rates as high as 92.13%. These methods are all wrong!

abortion by more than 7% a year growth

, according to People's Daily online website related articles in China each year about 13 million person-times of abortion, of which about half for repeat abortions.Xi 'an, according to data from the health administrative departments to master the 143000 cases with birth control surgery in the whole city in 2011, including more than 65000 abortion cases, accounting for about 45%;Abortion is close to 2012 2012 cases, accounting for more than 50%;In 2013, more than 75000 cases, accounting for more than 55%.The total number of people, annual growth of more than 7%.

four people, infertility rates as high as 92.13%. These methods are all wrong!

the personage inside course of study says, the official statistical data collected, cannot fully reflect the market reality, "among this discrepancy should be relatively large. There are many factors, has the financial aspect, and complete the index proportion. Not to mention those no practice license of small hospitals and clinics. The actual total number who couldn't answer. But certainly more than tens of year."Cold Numbers is more cold reality.How many families and the families due to the "three minutes" crack, even collapse, have no way of statistics.

a few days ago, a survey released by the world health organization, the world each year, 26 million - 55 million induced abortion, among them, China has been high abortion rate.

the Chinese public hospital abortion is as high as 13 million cases each year, 50% of women are unplanned pregnancy due to not take any contraceptive measures;65% of the people who is 20-29, unmarried women;At the same time, 77% of respondents said, don't know contraceptive or confused.

the study also found that many people have the consciousness of contraception, but there are a lot of birth control in actual behavior.Up to 55% of the respondents believed in vitro contraception is safe, 23% thought the rhythm is safe, there are 54% of respondents said there was a sex without any protective measures.

this, Beijing chaoyang hospital of doctor of vice director of obstetrics and gynecology su-mei wang said that frequent traffic can harm a woman's body, increase the risk of reproductive tract infections and the opportunity of endometriosis, can also lead to habitual abortion.Male first affiliated hospital of tianjin medical university the attending physician GengJiang also pointed out: "proper contraceptive is men and women both parties responsible for health and emotional expression, adult men and women should learn to correct birth control, especially to keep in mind the following points."

four people, infertility rates as high as 92.13%. These methods are all wrong!

young people mistake contraception

first of all, don't superstitious withdrawal.Withdrawal refers to male the ejaculation, take out the penis, make the semen shot in a way of the woman in vitro.Withdrawal method of failure rate is as high as 28%, will cause harm to the male sexual function.

second, safety period are not safe.Rhythm, it is only in the ovulation using tools of contraception, and in the other day did not use any contraceptive methods.The rhythm of the failure rate is very high, can reach 14.4% 47%.Because menstrual cycle will be affected by factors such as diet, emotions, and environment, the time of ovulation will occur, even additional ovulation occur, so the rhythm method is not reliable.

in the end, don't use a condom.The correct use of condoms for birth control success rate can be as high as 98%, but improper use will greatly reduce the success rate.Wear a set of late, to pick a set of premature, model no, do not check before using, condoms are common problems such as date, these errors will reduce the success rate of condom use contraceptive usage, lead to contraceptive failure.

source ask doctor website affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, Beijing chaoyang hospital

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