Artificial insemination will it hurt Choose what is the condition of artificial insemination

artificial insemination to countless infertility patients have their own baby, welcomed by the majority of patients.But there are a lot of people still have artificial insemination technique is not very understanding.So, choose artificial insemination will it hurt?

artificial insemination is a kind of don't need surgery, no invasive treatment, there is no pain.There are a few women feel lower abdomen bilge feeling full after fertilization, or have uterine contraction pain, about 30 minutes to 1 hour can alleviate, belongs to the normal phenomenon.Artificial insemination is a high accuracy requirement is high, the laboratory environment, demanding operation experience, must have no qualification to carry out surgery program or the strength of hard defects, low success rate.Therefore, artificial insemination should pay attention to the choice of the hospital.With infertility disease gradually rise, the diversity of pathogenic factors, the treatment is more difficult, so more and more women went to the hospital to do artificial insemination surgery, assisted reproduction.

the condition of artificial insemination is generally weak men, her condition is good, have a mature follicle, tubal patency of likely success.Artificial insemination is suitable for male infertility, including less fine, weak sperm, die with fine, fine, severe hypospadias, retrograde ejaculation and impotence, is processed semen through the catheter into the female reproductive tract.Artificial insemination is the premise of the woman must pass a system check to prove that all factors, 5 days in the menstrual cycle begins to stimulate ovulation, in order to improve the conception rate.

what conditions to carry out artificial insemination

a, the man factor

1, due to abnormal anatomical factors cannot through sexual intercourse will sperm into the vagina.Such as severe hypospadias, short penis.

2, sexual dysfunction.Such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, etc.

3, male immune infertility.

4, severe semen abnormality: fine, weak sperm, sperm less quantity is little, abnormal semen liquefaction, etc.

2, woman's

1, the female genital tract anatomic factors: vaginal and cervical stenosis, uterine height buckling, intercourse vaginal spasm.

2, cervical factor;(including normal semen analysis, after repeated sexual intercourse test (PCT) and cervical mucus anomaly);

3, female immune infertility;

4, endometriosis.(refers to the light to moderate endometriosis, still cannot be pregnant after treated with surgery or drugs)

three, unknown reason infertility

1, confirmed that the woman's regular ovulation cycle;

2, positive after sex experiments;

3, two normal semen analysis;

4, oviduct imaging or laparoscopic pelvic normal, no tubal adhesions and obstruction.

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