Patients with adanced cancer broke the doctor death curse: refused the doctor surgery miracle survival so far!

the doctor predicted that my lifetime is less than two months, but I still healthy and happy and alive.To this, many people said I was not cancer.I have also Ceng Huai fluky psychology, hope is the doctor misdiagnosed WuDuan.But unfortunately, when the operation of pathological sent to guangzhou sun yat-sen university of medical sciences tumor hospital affiliated to diagnosis, zhongshan medical university affiliated tumor hospital of pathology and immunohistochemical test conclusion is: "accord with undifferentiated thyroid cancer is swollen.Two famous high make consistent conclusion tumor specialized subject hospital, also can be wrong!I had to appoint.

broke the doctor death curse: patients with adanced cancer refused the doctor surgery miracle survival today!

a terminal cancer patients, suffering from toxic carcinoma of the largest and most mortality, but greatly beyond the lifetime of doctors predicted and survived, what exactly due to this?For this I do not know how many people are asked questions, musing about after, my answer is as follows.

the first, and make full use of modern medical technology has played a role, but also avoid the inappropriate and excessive treatment.

in the 1990 s, the main approaches of western medicine treatment of tumors is surgical removal, radiation local irradiation, chemical drug systemic perfusion and immune injection therapy.Can do these western medicine treatment, I'm all done, and play a proper role.

broke the doctor death curse: patients with adanced cancer refused the doctor surgery miracle survival today!

why I avoid inappropriate treatment and excessive?

my a surgical resection is the treatment for the first time in a general hospital.When I left the hospital after the operation, the professor said to me: "we gave you a radical, it's all right, go home to have a good rest Is it."I didn't understand what radical, professor asked: "want to take medicine?"The professor said: "don't eat."I ask again: "want to do is put it?"The professor said: "don't do it."So, I paste confused might was released from the hospital.And after discharge at the invitation of the daughter and brother to the a trip to guangzhou, shenzhen and other places.Although also sought treatment at the same time, but it's very easy.

not more than two months later, suddenly found the neck appeared swollen lymph nodes, and ferocious.I immediately went to professor surgery work review, professor of diagnosis is: "thyroid cancer lymph node metastases, immediately in the hospital surgery."This time, I hesitated, I asked the professor: "can not become an operation?"Professor said: "not line, swollen lymph nodes, there is a cut a, there are two cut."But later I still refused surgery.Why should I refuse to surgery?For more than two months after hospital discharge, although I didn't make any treatment, but I learn a lot about the knowledge of the tumor treatment and rehabilitation;To Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin and other places of the famous write cancer experts consulted;Around also visited a lot of success and failure cases, one aunt's hardest lesson let me forget.Aunt is a middle-aged patients with breast cancer, lymph node metastasis appeared after the surgery, she followed the opinions of the general surgeon performed the operation excision, the results immediately after cutting the long, long time later, cut, cut, so long to cut the long, cutting more more, two years, she cut the five times in succession, resulting in systemic edema, heart, kidney failure and death.I refuse to surgery just because I can't out of the shadow of aunt died unfortunately.Now, I at that time, although there is no theoretical base rejected the lymphatic metastatic carcinoma surgery, but lucky to avoid the inappropriate treatment at a time.Later access to a large number of clinical data, non-hodgkin's lymphoma is not suitable for surgery, surgical excision for non-hodgkin's lymphoma can easily lead to blood plant transfer.Professor then why tell me don't take medicine and don't do radiation and chemotherapy after discharge, appeared the lymphatic metastatic carcinoma and insisted that I do surgery?Just because he is a general surgeon, surgical treatment of general surgeon stick to principle is: those who have surgical indications of the mass, all should be removed surgically.The professor says there is nothing wrong.Only cancer patients after surgical removal of the indications and surgical routine therapy, and implementation of general principles is not the same.

broke the doctor death curse: patients with adanced cancer refused the doctor surgery miracle survival today!

why say me again to avoid the excessive treatment?

lymphatic metastasis after I don't have the surgical procedure in accordance with the opinions of the head and neck tumor hospital of hunan college professor did put treatment.But I put the tumor treatment is please Beijing research institute of the development of the national famous cancer expert professor shen, six courses of chemotherapy plus radiotherapy and at the same time.But I didn't think because of my poor health, the first course of chemotherapy is a needle, I'll be moving beyond recognition, bedridden, so we still haven't finished the first course of chemotherapy I would have to impose was released from the hospital.After discharge, I used to eat Chinese traditional medicine practice qigong take royal jelly, a three-pronged, regrouped after more than four months, my physical body recover better than sick before.Then, in the absence of any new development, I was admitted to a hospital and take the initiative to pull the outfit to accept the second chemotherapy, no material into the routine check at the back of the courtyard, found that liver mun aortic lymph nodes, there is a swelling in front of the doctor immediately issued a sigh: "was close, the chemotherapy is most timely."The chemotherapy after nearly a year away from surgical removal of the bump, later I will never do.

because many medical data show that one year after the surgery, chemotherapy, and makes little sense.Fortunately my two chemotherapy effect is remarkable, because two is lymphatic metastatic carcinoma with large dose of treatment to eliminate, for now, it seems that I put the treatment is proper, if the will bite a tooth proofed the six successive treatment instrument of dominant do bottom go to, I'm afraid is caused by excessive treatment caused by tumor to the tragedy of the fuselage.

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