Appointment after the doctor took off the patient's pants froze

the big ye, is an 83 - year - old liu is an old red army man, old man's house body is also good at ordinary times, is occasionally high blood pressure, so he often goes to cardiology, adjust blood pressure, and heart doctor familiar with gradually, grandpa liu belly bulge, these days have a stomachache, he endured the didn't tell her family at first, but then the stomach bilges, then told her daughter, daughter familiar with he discovered the heart medicine doctor, and the hospital formalities, check the abdomen after hospitalization is grandpa liu made a plain film showed intestinal obstruction, so the doctor according to the intestinal obstruction treated, but the result is bad, grandpa liu stomach pain belly bulge is more and more severe, and a fever.

appointment after the doctor took off the patient's pants froze

heart medicine doctor can't delay, hurriedly please surgeon consultation, the surgeon checks for grandpa liu take off pants, grandpa liu but I don't like, can't the doctor persuaded families to go out, his grandpa liu help unlock the pants, but when the pants off the doctor was shocked, he found that the left side of the scrotum is a large lump, and scrotal swelling, some doctors think there may be a hernia incarcerated, hurriedly with grandpa liu made CT, intestinal canal and can be seen in the inspection result is scrotal effusion, contact the operating room emergency surgery, surgery, grandpa liu found in intestinal canal has ruptured celiac and hernial sac has large intestinal juice, doctors surgery to remove some of the bowel, rinse the abdominal cavity, almost closed abdomen, grandpa liu blood pressure fell, the heart rate increases, anesthesiologist hurriedly booster, but grandpa liu of blood pressure is not stable, postoperative transferred to the ICU ward, grandpa liu has not wake up, finally died systemic organ failure.

appointment after the doctor took off the patient's pants froze

a lot of people don't think hernia is an ailment to seriously, but don't know hernia treatment lurk the huge harm, when standing hernia itself will cause the patient pain, can cause intestinal adhesion ileus, repeated bowel loops out if the hernial sac narrow neck is prone to incarcerated, if bowel incarcerated longer can appear bowel necrosis, necrotic bowel loops can cause intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity, abdominal cavity infection, old people body resistance is poorer, once the infection can cause bacteremia, serious cause multiple organ failure led to the death of the patient.

so inguinal hernia to early treatment, and should choose to normal hospital treatment, do not covet is cheap injection or other treatments, not only a hernia treatment is bad, still can cause damage again.

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