Pay attention!Early pregnancy these exceptions are prompt ectopic pregnancy


ectopic pregnancy is a kind of ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg is not in the uterus.

ectopic pregnancy for a woman to hurt is very big, can't spuc first, once found must be therapy or surgery.Ectopic pregnancy most parts can be found in the fallopian tubes, a few are seen in ovarian and cervical.If not timely treatment, can cause rupture, hemorrhage, even life threatening.In addition, ectopic pregnancy requires a year apart (or more), the body restore again after pregnancy.

these exceptions are prompt attention! The early stages of pregnancy ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy reproductive age women menopause about 6 to 8 weeks, irregular vaginal bleeding, and abdominal pain, be alert to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

generally, ectopic pregnancy often have the following symptoms:

1, menstruation stop : this is mainly for haven't found that pregnant women will find for a long time not to menstruation, at the same time there is a pregnancy reaction, tubal pregnancy, abortion or broken before, this time the ectopic pregnancy is not obvious.

2, stomach : early in pregnancy, long a ventral side ache ectopic pregnancy mainly because of the situation in embryonic development, make the fallopian tube caused by inflation.

this pain need to distinguish normal implantation, implantation usually painless, or very slight pain, pain can alleviate after the break.

ectopic pregnancy cause pain, spastic next bellyacke, extremely sharp, can make the pregnant women appear complexion is pale, the performance of cold sweat.Spasmodic contraction caused by tube and this is mainly because the moment can relieve itself.Lower abdomen pain, such as tear, with shit feeling, this is rupture hemorrhage caused by fallopian tube pregnancy.

: 3, bleeding caused by an ectopic pregnancy hemorrhage at the initial stage for guttata, dark brown, quantity is not much, less than the amount of menstruation.

these exceptions are prompt attention! The early stages of pregnancy ectopic pregnancy

vaginal bleeding was due to the endometrium, or tubal uterine cavity outward by the emissions caused by bleeding.With vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain is often damaged sign of embryos.At this time should be watchful of ectopic pregnancy.

4. Dizziness severe : early pregnancy dizziness is a common physiological phenomenon, caused by hormonal changes.But if it is suddenly fainted, woke up, dizziness, and this kind of circumstance should prompt ectopic pregnancy.

5. : pale ectopic pregnancy pregnant women, can appear inside short time lost color, as white as a sheet, also often appear dry mouth, heart palpitations, chills, have no energy.This is mainly because ectopic pregnancy abdominal cavity hemorrhage caused by a lot of, if not handled in time, do not rule out a shock.

these exceptions are prompt attention! The early stages of pregnancy ectopic pregnancy

if misfortune happened ectopic pregnancy should pay attention to timely surgery, finish should pay attention to rest, pay attention to nutrition.And half months don't engaged in heavy manual Labour and strenuous activity, it is best not to touch the cold water.

on food should eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products, protein rich food and rich in vitamin fresh vegetables, let the body better able to recover.

during pregnancy is very important thing is to check on a regular basis, so as to better understand the embryo.I wish you all a good mother.

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