This may find you to boil water to cancer

water is indispensable to the survival of mankind, important material, people can be a day without food, but not a day without water.Drinking burning hot water his health and environmental protection, this view has been accepted by more and more people.The boiling water, however, there are ways to do wrong, not only will come health concerns, may also cause cancer.

to boil water to cancer may find you


to boil water to maintain indoor ventilation

on the other hand, the tap water contains chlorine, not boiling water, chlorine does not evaporate into the air, no harm to human body.

when boiling water, as temperatures rise, THMS will evaporate into the air, a kidney doctor think that THM molecule is bigger, after drink into the stomach, absorbed by the intestinal opportunity is very low;But after the boil, THMS will become gas, as the water vapor in air emissions, easy to be absorbed by the lungs.

to drink into THMS, or inhaled THMS risk problem, well ventilated place in the home to boil water, cooking soup, porridge, is the best choice.And be sure to open the smoke lampblack machine to keep the kitchen ventilation, water to boil for 3 to 5 minutes after immediately turn off the heat.Especially, after the heavy rain, chlorine in tap water will be some more, so more ventilation problems should be paid attention to when boiling water.

in addition, the doctor also said that not only there are risks THMS excessive boiling water, shower, too, in an airtight bath shower too long, may unconsciously inhaled THM.

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