Rumours: tiger bite woman died of infection secondary to sepsis last night!


according to the latest network information, the badaling wild animal zoo is bitten by a tiger woman, died of lung infection wound infection secondary to sepsis last night.: (from far abstract)

this message is being rapidly rumours!

sepsis, don't know who listen blankly, someone with a shudder.Because the disease prognosis is poor, especially in severe cases the mortality rate is quite high, so a lot of people on it and will avoid it like the plague.The sepsis what "background"?Why harm so big?

  • sepsis "essence" of

sepsis is refers to the bacteria into the blood and breeding, continuously produce toxins that cause acute systemic infection.

its pathogenesis and the number of virulence, infection and immunity, light person high fever, rash, joint pain and other symptoms, the person that weigh can cause liver splenomegaly, shock, coma, delirious, the phenomenon such as organ failure, the consequences can be rather serious.

  • sepsis in the "moves"

people with low immunity, is a high-risk groups sepsis.Old person, child, for example, chronic malnutrition, severe patients or people with chronic diseases, has a relatively higher probability "scam".

"sepsis is a kind of results, rather than a cause."Beijing university of Chinese medicine hospital blood east WeiYun MianYiKe chief physician told reporters, before the disease progression of success or failure, there must be early infection;Didn't get the control infection, the bacteria into the blood stream, evolved into bacteremia, then worse for sepsis.

sepsis are mostly on the basis of the primary disease concurrently."In sepsis patients, also shows that the original disease is more serious, patient overall situation worse."WeiYun said.Of mild infection "heard", drag for a long time, may be dragged ailment became a "serious"."After infection, can have a fever. If have a fever is not retreated, should be quickly to the hospital for treatment.

  • " "cause" of sepsis

  1. : skin infection when skin damaged, or large area burn and scald is associated with bacterial infections, which in turn induce sepsis.Open fractures, infectious diarrhea, suppurative peritonitis is also the cause of the disease.

    more extreme example, because someone to dig a zit will suffer from the disease, nearly died.

  2. surgical infection: operation of various treatment and inspection measures, such as endoscopy, and urethral catheter intubation, dialysis and organ transplantation, if disinfection measures not well, easy to cause bacteria into the blood circulation, infectious blood clots formed septicemia.

  3. : chronic diseases, some chronic diseases, such as blood, nephrotic syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, such as diabetes, malignant tumor, because the virus spread in the reproduction in the human body, for a long time, easy to induce sepsis.

  4. drugs to stimulate : immune suppression drugs, such as adrenal cortical hormone, metabolic drug resistant, antitumor drugs, will weaken the body's immune function, cause the spread of bacteria, diffusion, causing sepsis.Application of antibacterial drugs for a long time, can lead to drug-resistant strains breeding, will increase the infection opportunity.

rumours: tiger bite women, died of infection secondary to sepsis last night!

  • existing medical conditions sepsis uncommon

but along with the progress of the sanitation and health conditions, the incidence of sepsis has been reduced.WeiYun pointed out that the average person infection symptoms after antibiotic treatment in time, the possibility of success or failure disease is not high."The incidence of this disease is closely related to the medical conditions, people's standard of living, as the improvement of medical conditions, it will further decline in the incidence of.

  • " for sepsis "see" the following instead

general onset sepsis urgent, development is fast, the condition is complex, to avoid more serious consequences, detection must promptly to the hospital treatment, at the same time do a good job in nursing work.

  1. symptomatic treatment: sepsis caused by bacteria, such as s. aureus bacteria, table grape bacteria, enterococcus, anaerobic bacteria and fungi, etc., the performance of symptoms vary, should through the corresponding check to determine the cause, and then to targeted therapy.

  2. for the rational use of drugs: drugs should follow the doctor's advice, the rational use of adrenal cortex hormones and antibiotics, observe the mouth, the digestive tract, respiratory tract, etc. If there is a phenomenon of double infection.

  3. : prevent infection of nosocomial infection, the use of disposable medical supplies, medical personnel should strictly carry out the operation, inspection and quarantine disinfection rules.Patient's skin trauma, to disinfect bandage, avoid secondary infection.

  4. chronic diseases : sepsis caused by chronic diseases, treatment should be strengthened, so as to avoid deterioration and repeated infection.

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