A little sweat while move that virtual human body?


the body's heat dissipation, is mainly done through the skin.Secretion of sweat is much, by the sweat and radiate heat also increased significantly.When the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius above, sweating is main or the only human body thermal radiation.So still can keep the body's temperature is normal, does not rise.

enter the volts, hot, sweat is inevitable.But some friends around us, even sitting in an air-conditioned room sweat;Some sweating slightly move;Some sweat less during the day, when you go to sleep at night But will sweat a few pieces of pajamas...movement was sweating slightly, the virtual human body?

the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou university of TCM ji-yong wang, director of the thoracic surgery, an associate professor, said that due to personal physical difference, sweat sweat less difference, different situations, different parts of the sweat, the signal can be revealed to the body.

a qi deficiency, sweat more than during the day

a is sweating too much during the day.Winter or summer, not in the daytime activities or mild cases, sweat out more often.These people often have weak, speaking voice low, poor appetite, such characteristics as easy to catch a cold, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks is qi deficiency.Such people on diet can choose yam, soybean milk, beef and mutton, etc., can also be used or astragalus codonopsis pilosula stewed chicken or bone, in order to benefit the body, relieve blood stasis.Can also be performed by slow, activity union movement to enhance physical fitness, such as practicing tai chi chuan, eight, brocade, etc.movement was sweating slightly, the virtual human body?

2, and sit still sweating or a little sweat while move

prompt signal: qi deficiency

some people sit still will be the great khan or movement will sweat a little, more than the symptoms due to qi deficiency.Ji-yong wang director, said that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks "gas solid table", "taken blood contains the sweat, air foot, is like a magnet attracted sweat, let it not to leak;Qi deficiency, the loss of traction, sweat obsessively to outflow.The so-called "better", that is why.Generally speaking, the deficit is the result of poor physical condition, as a congenital deficiency or the day after tomorrow is overworked, take medicine, repeated damage to the body long illness, etc., will lead to qi deficiency.And the performance of this kind of person is more typical, in addition to the fierce sweat, also often feel tired and lazy, quieter.movement was sweating slightly, the virtual human body?

: for this part of the crowd, in addition to drink more water in the summer, can under the guidance of TCM doctor eat something fill gas, such as dangshen, astragali, radix pseudostellariae, American ginseng, ginseng.Easily irritated people Appropriate chooses radix pseudostellariae, American ginseng, boil water to make tea to drink.Tea is the dosage of radix pseudostellariae 15 grams per person or American ginseng 15 g.At the same time, can also take the soup with duck or rabbit, respectively.Is with duck or rabbit meat, mainly both has the efficacy of nourishing Yin, because too much sweat easily lost too much fluid.

heart three, hands and feet sweat

if the brotherhood of heart sweat heart with hands and feet hot, oropharyngeal drying, belong to Yin deficiency heat;If the stomach, the brothers sweat heart with pain, move bowels impassability, belongs to the intestinal have accumulated dung heat syndromes, can purge drugs;If you have any brothers sweat heart with dry mouth, sore gums, etc, belong to stomach heat, can take clear stomach heat of traditional Chinese medicine, such as bezoar clear stomach pills, clear the stomach coptis pill, etc.movement was sweating slightly, the virtual human body?

four, fell asleep easily perspire, how to "night sweats"

prompt signal: Yin deficiency fire

as people tend to be "sweat" (namely while you are awake, sweat a lot or not move), the difference is that there are some people who are often at night, especially after sleeping fierce sweat, sometimes even a night sweat Wet two or three pieces of pajamas, this kind of situation is called " night sweats ", to Yin deficiency fire were the most rare.Such people often don't sleep well at night, and dry mouth, throat symptoms such as pain, hoarseness, dry stool stem node.
movement was sweating slightly, the virtual human body?

advice: Yin deficiency fire people can use American ginseng to recuperate in the summer, if use American ginseng slice of bubble water to drink, you can also take the pill.Drink sugar water, radix rehmanniae snow flower pig feet soup also has the effect of ziyin heat.

Yin fire people don't eat food were .Yin fire easily loses his temper, want to do something to relax more, like listening to music, reading, painting, traveling, hanging out with friends, etc., can also take time to do massage, cupping, relieving the tension of the body, so also can let the mood become better.

hot weather in summer, what kind of food do eat good

preserved egg mix bean curd
movement was sweating slightly, virtual human?

preserved egg is the best food to remove fire, decrease internal heat.Old people eat songhua preserved egg remove poison fire eating habits, the qing dynasty famous doctor Wang Shixiong in along with interest in eating spectrum recorded: "preserved egg, purging heat, e. fire, treat diarrhoea, can spread can be gathered."Cold dishes and preserved eggs can also be used to make it, not only rich nutrition can help lowering appetizing, is indispensable to summer table healthy dishes.

old duck pot
movement was sweating slightly, virtual human?

summer signings, suitable for duck soup, duck meat is rich in people not only in the summer in urgent need of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, prevention and cure disease.Its secret lies in the duck waterfowl, cold, have nourish Yin and tonify deficiency, nourishing the stomach, the function of the water, "cold fever" in traditional Chinese medicine treatment principle, especially suitable for the body have a fever, people were mentioned, such as fever, weakness, eat less, defecate dry and edema in summer more symptoms.

balsam pear fry eggs
movement was sweating slightly, virtual human?

bitter melon has detoxification, cooling, the effect of prevention department, additional, balsam pear is rich in vitamin C, can enhance human immunity, and the effect of hairdressing to raise colour skin care, the balsam pear fry egg fragrance and refreshing, and can increase appetite, help digestion, eliminate the heat.

steamed carp
movement was sweating slightly, virtual human?

early summer carp during the spawning period, accumulated a lot of nutrients in the body, the body fat and strong, so the taste of the delicious meat.The summer climate is warm and wet, proper drink carp soup, appetizers help clearing damp, water swelling.And from the Angle of nutrition, carp is rich in high quality protein, minerals and vitamins, vulnerable to digest absorb, all kinds of people, including children, pregnant women, the old man is fit to eat.On the producing method, carp steamed or boiled soup nutrition effect best, taste delicious, easy to digest, can stimulate the appetite.

source: yangcheng evening news, etc.

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