Basic knowledge of the birth control pill!Hurry up to GET!


basic knowledge of the birth control pills! Hurry GET! eat drink man woman, man's big to save. The life of people without sex.How to effective birth control become the eternal topic.Various types of birth control pills for sale on the market at present, the doctor suggested are ling lang see everywhere, too.For these contraceptives you really understand?

principle of birth control pills

the pill mainly inhibit ovulation, and change the cervical mucus, make sperm is not easy to penetrate, or reduce the uterus gland liver glycogen synthesis, let the blastocyst is not easy to live, or change the way the activities of the uterus and fallopian tubes, hinder the delivery of fertilized eggs, etc.Generally speaking, the mechanism of action of a kind of birth control pills are manifold.

pill adverse reactions to

birth control pills usually main adverse reaction of gastrointestinal discomfort, weight gain, class a pregnancy reaction, bleeding, menoxenia, pregnancy spots, etc.

basic knowledge of the birth control pills! Hurry GET!

marketing major types of birth control pills

types of birth control pills for sale on the market at present is more, to sum up, there are the following categories:

low short-acting oral contraceptives

this is the most recommended routine, because of the small dose, could soon be human metabolism, especially certain drugs can also prevent some gynecological tumor, is good for women's health.Main drug for ethinylestradiol oxygen dilute pregnancy (beautiful xin le), ethinylestradiol flexor screw ketone (yasmin), compound norethindrone oral contraceptive tablet (1), the compound megestrol acetate (oral contraceptives, 2), etc.

low emergency contraception

this is to take remedial measures after unprotected sex of a kind of birth control pills, this class of drugs is divided into two kinds, the first is the most common form of large dose of progesterone, the progesterone content is a short-acting oral contraceptives, 8 times, can inhibit and delay ovulation, but the overall efficiency of about 80% ~ 85%.Another kind of resistance for progesterone, mifepristone has implantation, inducing menstruation, termination of pregnancy and promote cervical mature role.Main drug for left acetylene connaught progesterone (if antin Jin Yuting, Dan mei), mifepristone (after).

low long-acting contraception

this is composed of estrogen and progestogen common compound drugs, inhibit ovulation, contraceptive implantation mechanisms such as resistance to achieve.But this kind of drug side effects, because the progesterone content is dozens of times of short-acting contraception, estrogen content is nearly one hundred times that of a short-acting contraceptives.In order to prevent bleeding, generally not suddenly stop taking long-acting contraception, need to switch to a short-acting contraceptives again after three months.Main have yue to Christine, and compound left acetylene progesterone, compound quinestrol slice, triad quinestrol piece, etc.

low external use birth control pills

mainly nonyl benzene alcohol ether bolt.The drug to the vagina.Before each sex, take out a, lie on your back with your fingers after pushing drugs into the vagina (vaginal fornix after deep, deep about 1 finger length), about 10 minutes and then began to sex.But repeated sexual intercourse must to give medicine.

basic knowledge of the birth control pills! Hurry GET!

short-acting contraceptives missing?

a short-acting oral contraceptives is most commonly used, common oral short-acting contraceptives in pharmacy for 21 tablets, on the first day of menstruation (i.e., the first day of bleeding) began to 1 piece, 1 piece every day, for 21 days, seven days and then stop, then take the next box.Missing is refers to the medication has not been able to take time in normal or vomiting within 1-4 hours after taking the medicine.If missing time not more than 12 hours, once thought of immediately take can, won't make contraceptive effect is reduced, and then continue to take 1 tablet in regular time.


the pill the utility ratio is very high, but after all is drugs, long-term use of words to avoid potentially harmful to the body.So you can't just women using the pill as the sole means of "security" of sexual intercourse.It is worth mentioning that the birth control pill can only reduce the chances of pregnancy, but is not necessarily able to 100% of contraception, and can't prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.For the sake of higher contraceptive use and effectively prevent sexually transmitted diseases, should actively promote male condom use.

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