This summer, how many people are asked for it?


this summer, how many people in the masochistic? "beans double to double, eggplant purple light light, balsam pear long as dalai boils, childhood rhymes, balsam pear face is not lovely, childhood at the dining table, the taste of bitter melon is mother do very favorite.

mother afraid I ChiBuLai balsam pear that bitter, incised good balsam pear tablets will be salted with salt, edging out the water, then put it in cold water, while washing GuaPian, change again drain water, so two or three times, in the end, or dry red pepper and fry, or with chilli oil cold, freaky are good tips to bitter.Just, eating with chili peppers, expect balsam pear relieve inflammation or internal heat would feel very irritated, how to eat this is how spent?
this summer, how many people in the masochistic? however, eat bitter melon, don't eat for medical, it is not necessary to utility, so, have a fear of not bitter, the second is afraid of spicy.To eat, the more to the mouth and stomach of pleasure, it is in order to enjoy all kinds of ingredients and different styles.Fierce and expect to eat balsam pear relieve inflammation or internal heat, and the teeth positions, irritated than pepper.
this summer, how many people in the masochistic? mom's bitter melon meat is the most delicious.Bitter melon to head to tail section, to seed hollow out, is a bitter melon cup.Then chop in advance to season the meat in, the boiler steam can under the chopsticks.Fresh delicious glutinous, in addition to the achievement of balsam pear, the mother in the meat of the Riga all be crispy water chestnut is also made.This dish is to see that bitter melon character, bitter of balsam pear is restraint of the collect inside, is an appeal has it's own, don't bring trouble to spread this bitter dishes, meat didn't pick up it.
this summer, how many people in the masochistic? had grown up and out to eat balsam pear, not more than a little bitter, it just needs a little bitter, is sent a little, not the taste of childhood, when I was a child can't copy the foreign flavor is.

grow up, the Chinese people fat up, Chinese people up, diabetes eat balsam pear decrease internal heat was yesterday chrysanthemum, balsam pear is endowed with a long expected, fall blood sugar and weight loss.

publicity-shy balsam pear, pressure big, failed to live up to people's expectations, talk to what to do?

before meals every day, all piously insist on fresh balsam pear juice diabetes friends, more than one or two.Glad, these friends are reasonable and scientific, considerate of balsam pear pressure is too great, food drugs, can not let the balsam pear a burden, the control of blood glucose burden just let the balsam pear juice as a supplement outside the normal treatment.
this summer, how many people in the masochistic? diabetes friends drink freshly squeezed no residue of balsam pear juice, I'm not against., despite the balsam pear contains kinds insulin-like material content is not high, in the bitter melon some samples and the content of volatility, curative effect is little, but at the very least, balsam pear rich dietary fiber, low glycemic index, or diabetes patients with good drinks.

diabetes friends buy balsam pear hypoglycemic polypeptide of health care products, I am against.Even if true, health care products factory bought countless balsam pear to extract the hypoglycemic polypeptide seriously, but because this kind of oral health care products, does not take appropriate protective activity of peptide technology, biological activity in the gastrointestinal tract is easy to damage.
this summer, how many people in the masochistic? in addition, balsam pear powder all don't have to cost money, in the process of balsam pear into powder, bitter melon in the function of active material loss is inevitable.Why flowers and lots of money, buy a psychological comfort, than the direct eat fresh balsam pear, affordable and nutrition.

weight loss of friends to eat balsam pear, if only eat balsam pear, or have cut down., of course, the emphasis is on the "eat only" single weight loss therapy, to eat only konjac, eat a cucumber, eat fat, also have no reason not to thin down.Studies suggest that maybe eat balsam pear can change the intestinal flora to lose weight.But, in any case, reduce weight should be established on the basis of balanced diet.

I have a friend children overweight, he has been studying whether bitter melon can improve the glucolipid metabolism disorder of obesity, or see the mice thin body effect, however, his child was a fat kid.

for the first three months of pregnancy, expectant fathers don't eat balsam pear, a study suggests the sperm don't like bitter melon, will lower conception rate.The first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women don't eat balsam pear, although quinine in balsam pear is very few, in the right amount eat move TaiQi, but why bother?Eat balsam pear, belly children will not accept this: make the unborn baby in practise, s).

chanting balsam pear so much long, short, balsam pear, through green runs on rattan enron to grow old, no sweet without sweat.Bitter melon skin become golden yellow, is the mature atmosphere, balsam pear flesh don't like my mother take great pains, bitter is no, bitter melon seeds is sweet and delicious.Just, soft balsam pear is not bitter, also not crisp, is no longer suitable for cooking.
this summer, how many people in the masochistic?

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