Man's six necessary not old tonic

man six old necessary tonic

men tonic

a, and vitamin

vitamin E is one of the most effective antioxidants.The study also found that vitamin E also have the effect that reduce muscle damage after exercise.Free radical oxidation can cause damage to cells, the aging and increase the incidence of various diseases.

when a man is young, the normal physiological function can generate antioxidants to resist free radical oxidation reaction.But when men to 30 to 40 years old, generates free radicals in the body will be more and more, and generate less antioxidants.So in survival pressure on men, vitamin E is a effective way to prevent aging.

eat dried fruits and oil to increase the intake of vitamin E.In nature, vitamin E is widely distributed in animal and plant oil, egg yolk, milk, fruit, leaf lettuce in food, such as the wheat germ oil, corn oil, peanut oil, cotton seed oil, more rich in content.Best buy of natural vitamin E, not synthetic, which is not easy to be used by human body.

2, omega-3 fatty acids s

omega-3 fatty acids s can prevent blood platelet aggregation and adhesion in the clouds to form a plate, let the blood flow increase, to lower blood pressure and triglycerides level and maintain a regular heart beat.Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids s indeed can reduce the mortality of heart disease.The researchers also found that omega 3 s effective in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), and can regulate the fat content of brain cells, brain cells to senescence.

this fatty acid has certain fish gamey smell smell.Foods such as sardines, tuna, herring is considered to be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids s.

three, folic acid

the study found that men had high incidence of dementia.Cysteine heighten can increase the incidence of early alzheimer's disease, and early symptoms of mental decline, memory loss, and cysteine is a kind of promote blood clotting amino acids.

further study found that folic acid supplementation can effectively reduce homocysteine levels, which can increase the amount of blood into the brain, so folic acid can help prevent arterial embolus formation.The suffering from pressure of work and likely to develop alzheimer's disease early is a good news for him.

folic acid food sources including citrus fruits, legumes, cereals, etc.

man six old necessary tonic

4, calcium

Chinese men daily intake of calcium from food far cannot meet the needs of the body, and the loss of calcium every day in middle-aged men.The study found that the intake of calcium is more male bone is relatively strong, and some men on average less than the intake should be slim, that is to say, appropriate calcium also have effect reducing weight, it was for those potbellied man for a good news.

600 milligrams of half of the volume is probably in the morning and evening eat the other half, because it can achieve maximum absorption.A cup of milk is actually contains 300 mg of calcium.

five, chitin

30 - year - old man is no longer at the age of 19 had flexible joints, it is because his body caused by reducing the chitin.Studies indicate that chitin can relieve joint pain, and make the strength of the joints increase 25%, also can prevent progressive rheumatoid arthritis of knee.Thus chitin can prevent joint damage, so he supple.

in addition, chitin have immune strengthening effect, helps to reduce the damage of tumor cells;In today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, reduce savings of heavy metals in the body of chitin can help the body eliminate waste, and ensure the human physiological function of normal operation.

add shrimp, crab and other food diet can increase the intake of chitin.

6, selenium

there is no single nutrients anti-cancer sex is stronger than selenium, selenium can make cancer cells to die, to improve the connection between the selenium intake with lower cancer risk, these cancers including prostate cancer, crohn's disease, lung cancer and other cancers.

the experiment proved that lack of selenium in the diet, will cause the increase of lipid peroxides.This kind of lipid peroxide long is age spots on the skin, will be deposited in the heart, blood vessels, liver and brain cells, cause many system lesions.

in Brazil nuts are rich in natural selenium, each 100 nanograms of selenium is contained in nut.

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