This cargo have big poison, is a specialist in all ulcers after collapse, pull out poison to rot, ne

l medicine , potassium nitrate, alum uniform mixing by mercury sublimation.Said red red rose, yellow said Huang Sheng.All parts produced in hebei, hubei, hunan, jiangsu larger output.At the end of the porphyrization medicine, Chen Jiu is good.Also known as pretty, three elixir, red rose, Huang Shengdan Dan.

this cargo have big poison, is a specialist in all ulcers after collapse, pull out poison to rot, new meat long to medicine

medicinal: sheen, hot.There are big.To the lungs, spleen by.

efficacy: poison, pull to rot.


ulcer after the collapse, pus out, or rotten meat, new meat is raw. this product has the good poison to pull rotting abscess, for surgery is one of the commonly used medicines for external use only.With hygroscopic boils the calcined gypsum with use, can be on different condition, adjust effectively dosage ratio, such as the dosage of the medicine and calcined gypsum than 1:9 said this Dan, pull virulence is lighter and hygroscopic raw strength is stronger, 2:8 said BaEr Dan, 3:7 said firmly, Dan says 4 Dan 1:1, 9:1 said nine Dan, the pulling force of poison to pus gradually enhanced.

in addition, drugs can also be used to treat tinea of wet sores, impetigo, dense and syphilis.

usage and dosage: for external use in moderation. this product is for external use only, not to drink .And no single product, and more with calcined plaster for external use only.Unavailable, grind very fine powder, dry mixing or apply, or with YaoNian powder use.

use note: this has the big poison, external use is not excessive or continued use.External sores rotten meat has to or ichor did the best, unfavorable use.

the ancient books

1, "surgical dacheng" : "to treat all dense sores and Yang mei powder poison, throat malnutrition, chancre, zits."

2. "choose an all" : "pus long flesh, wound hard, dark violet black meat, or with pus, not is."

3, "sores division result set" : "all cure ulcers after collapse, poison to pull, new meat long."

experience party

1, "zhang medical tong" : for external use for mould sores poison.

2, "oh prescriptions assembly" : for external use to treat all what Yang rot disease too.

3, "shen experience side" : for external use to treat ulcer rotten meat is not clear, not net ichor.

4, "chi an all" : for external use pus, meat.

5, the integration for three hundred: for external use to treat ulcer furunculosis after the collapse.

6, for all the ulcer concurrent back, bad evil sore foot: four two simmer gypsum, rinse dong Dan five money, good Huang Shengdan two money.For the end of the fine, lint and uniform mixing, the production of meat, and no drug possession.(the sores family legacy encoding this Dan)

7, cure chancre decay: l Dan three points, olive charcoal three points, may a point.Research at the end of the very fine, attune apply sesame seeds oil, or dry mixing."Medicine 籢 qi secret"

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